Montgomery City County Personnel

Assistant Fire Chief (#CI8135)

Pay Grade


Nature of Work

The Assistant Fire Chief is an administrative staff position responsible for overseeing all operations and personnel activities of a Division of the Montgomery Fire Department. Duties include managing all aspects of the Suppression, Fire Medic, Training, Special Operations, or Investigations/Inspections Division, responding to and/or overseeing emergency incidents, administering and monitoring a division’s operating budget, directing the collection and preparation of division records, statistics, data and files, and assuming command at emergency incidents. The Assistant Fire Chief works under the general supervision and reports to the Fire Chief.

Minimum Qualifications

Must have two (2) years’ experience and be currently employed at a PS5 Level to be eligible to take the promotional test and to be eligible for promotion.  Must have obtained Instructor I state certification, Safety Officer certification; current EMT II or III State License; and must have completed NFA ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 300, ICS 400, and ICS 700 classes by the first day of the Assessment Center.
PERMANENT City of Montgomery, MONTGOMERY FIRE DEPARTMENT employees who have completed their probationary period and who meet the minimum qualifications are eligible to apply.


NATIONAL FIRE ACADEMY CERTIFICATIONS: The additional National Fire Academy Certifications listed below are preferred for the current announcement period (2017) and are required within 24 months after transfer or promotion for designated Division Assistant Chief positions:

                                                                                                                                    Required for

NFA Certification Description                                                                                   Division(s)

R308    Natural and Man Made Disasters                                 All Divisions

R213    Analysis of Arson Management                                   Investigations/Inspections

R150    Management of Emergency Medical Services            EMS

R225    Management of Fire Prevention Programs                 Investigations/Inspections

R233    Chemistry of Hazardous Materials                           Special Operations

R243    Hazardous Materials Incident Management               Special Operations

R342    Training Program Management                                   Training

R333    Fire Service Financial Management                            Administrative

R312    Command and Control of Incident Operations          Suppression

Special Requirements

Must be willing to be on call and respond to emergency incidents. Must comply with the residence requirement of the MFR. Must be willing to adhere to all MFR’s policies including the nicotine, wellness (weight and physical fitness), and drug use policies. 

CLASS: CI8135; EST: ; REV: 9/29/2017;