Montgomery City County Personnel

Fire Lieutenant (#CI8020)

Pay Grade


Nature of Work

This is skilled firefighting work and supervisory work directing activities of a fire company during an assigned shift or specialized division work.  Work includes overseeing and directing station or division personnel or recruits, managing personnel problems, maintaining records and files, overseeing employee development efforts, and performing or assigning public service activities.  Lieutenant has direct command over a number of firefighters or medics on an assigned shift or personnel assigned to a specific division.  At an emergency incident, employees are responsible for ordering and commanding their suppression, medic or rescue operations until relieved of command by a superior officer.  Division Lieutenants perform division-specific tasks to include conducting inspections, arson investigations or training classes and may work independently.  Lieutenants report to a Division Captain or District Chief and are under the command of any officer of higher rank at emergency scenes or when performing specific division work.

Minimum Qualifications

(All positions):  Must have two (2) years’ experience and be currently employed at the PS2 Level and must have at least five (5) years’ experience in the  Montgomery Fire/Rescue in order to take the promotional test and be eligible for promotion. Must have completed Apparatus Operator (Pumper and Aerial Ladder) classes; must have obtained Instructor I State Certification, current EMT III Paramedic State License and must have completed NFA ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 300, IC 400 and ICS 700 classes by the first day of the Assessment Center. 

Special Requirements

NATIONAL FIRE ACADEMY CERTIFICATION:  Must complete R297 Command and Control Decision Making at Multiple Alarm Incidents within 24 months after promotion for all Lieutenant positions.
INVESTIGATIONS BUREAU:  Must have obtained Fire Investigator certification from the Alabama Fire College.  Must enroll and obtain certification by the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission (APOSTC) within 12 months after promotion or transfer.  Must complete R206 Fire Investigation: Essentials within 12 months and R208 Fire Investigation: Interview and Testimony within 24 months after promotion or transfer.
INSPECTIONS BUREAU:  Must have obtained Inspector I certification from the Alabama Fire College.  Must obtain Inspector II certification within one (1) year after promotion or transfer. Must complete R0390 Fire Inspection Principles I within 24 months and R0391 Fire Inspection Principles II within 36 months after promotion or transfer.

CLASS: CI8020; EST: ; REV: 10/27/2017;