Montgomery City County Personnel

Cultural Arts Director (#CI7200)

Pay Grade


Nature of Work

This is administrative work supervising and coordinating a community cultural arts program for the City of Montgomery.  This employee performs a dual role of administering policies and programs in the arts and humanities as Director of the Armory Learning Arts Center, which includes Alabama Dance Theatre (ADT) and Armory Athletics Center (AAC), as set by the Montgomery Parks and Recreation Department and serving as administrative officer of the Arts Council of Montgomery.  Essential functions are: organizes, implements and directs the operations of the cultural arts programs; supervises and manages the Armory personnel; develops, manages and administers annual Armory Learning Arts Center and Arts Council budgets; serves as liaison for the Armory Learning Arts Center and the Arts Council to establish and maintain public relations with media, community groups and nonprofit organizations; and performs social media and website public relations duties. Work is reviewed by an administrative supervisor through analysis of internal correspondence and on-site visits. The employee is supervised by the Special Recreation Programs Director.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor degree in Arts Administration, Public Administration, Fine Arts, Museum Administration, Business Administration or a related field; three years’ experience in cultural arts administration, management of community programs or services, or art related programs, with at least one of the three years in a supervisory capacity.

NOTE:  Qualifying education, training and experience that provide the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the job will be considered.


CLASS: CI7200; EST: ; REV: 1/12/2004;