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Librarian III (Branch Head) (#CI7172)

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Pay Grade


Nature of Work

The fundamental reason this classification exists is to supervise and manage a library branch with a staff of employees.  Due to the small number of employees typically assigned to a branch, branch heads may perform tasks typically assigned to their subordinate(s); however, they are ultimately responsible for the management of the branch.  Branch heads spend the greatest amount of time working to supervise two or more employees, manage the library branch, complete special projects and assignments, and serve patrons and the public.  Employees also spend time performing circulation tasks, creating and implementing programs, managing the branch’s collection, and performing a variety of other library related tasks.  The Librarian III classification differs from the Librarian II classification in that the IIIs function as a branch or department manager.  The department head differs from the branch head in that department heads are versed in a specialty area and branch heads provide more generalized services.  The Librarian III classification is typically supervised by the Assistant Director for City-County Libraries.

Minimum Qualifications

Master's degree in librarianship from a program accredited by the American Library Association and 2 years of professional level library experience in a public library and six months of experience leading other employees.  Qualifying education, training and experience that provide the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the job will be considered. 

CLASS: CI7172; EST: ; REV: 9/30/2019;