Montgomery City County Personnel

Engineering Aide II (#CI2020)

Pay Grade


Nature of Work

This is limited technical and skilled work of a sub-professional civil engineering nature performed in the field or office. Employees of this class are responsible for the skilled use of surveying or drafting instruments and for the application of some technical knowledge or skill in making inspections and investigations in a sub-professional engineering nature. Drafting assignments performed by these employees require the application of fundamental engineering and drafting skills in the preparation of rough and finished engineering maps, drawings, copies and specifications, or in the conception and preparation of topographical plans and maps. Field work may involve the skilled use of surveying instruments as the instrument man on a field survey party or for the application of technical and practical knowledge and skill in making inspections of public works projects and investigations of a sub-professional engineering nature. Work is usually performed under the supervision of a superior who checks for technical accuracy. The employee may exercise some supervision over employees of a lower level.

Minimum Qualifications

Experience in surveying and/or drafting and graduation from standard high school, supplemented by courses in mathematics or drafting.

NOTE:  Qualifying education, training and experience that provide the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the job will be considered.


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