Montgomery City County Personnel

Airport Fire Chief (#AI8870)

Pay Grade


Nature of Work

This is responsible administrative and technical work in an Airport Fire Department providing services to the civil and commercial aviation industry. The incumbent is responsible for serving as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) liaison by developing, coordinating, and implementing aircraft rescue, firefighting, and fire prevention policies and programs for civil and commercial aviation activities at the Montgomery Airport.  

The incumbent is also responsible for planning, coordinating, developing, evaluating, and conducting training programs, practice drills, and disaster drills for all agencies that provide services and emergency support to the Montgomery Airport Authority such as the Air National Guard (ANG) and Airport Authority staff and patrons, conducting informal and formal  inspections and evaluations of the Montgomery Airport facilities and operations to include monitoring and observing daily activities for compliance with FAA regulations.

The incumbent also assumes command of emergency incidents involving civilian aircraft or assists the ANG Fire Chief with emergency incidents involving civil aircraft, receives and resolves complaints from the Airport Authority or ANG staff or support agencies providing services to the airport, and prepares written documentation and department or state forms, letters, memos, manuals, disaster plans, and budget documents. The Fire Chief reports directly to the Deputy Airport Director.    


Minimum Qualifications

Must have at least five years of recent command-level experience in aircraft rescue and firefighting operations which involves commanding an entire aircraft rescue and firefighting department or unit at a military or civil airport or agency, the enforcement of Federal Aviation Administration regulations such as the Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 139, and the development of a disaster plan. Must possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Must have and maintain Firefighter I certification from the Alabama Fire College or equivalent (written approval from the Alabama Fire College and Personnel Standards Commission to challenge the written test for Firefighter I and passing the written test for Firefighter I certification within 90 days of hiring). Must have and maintain, or obtain before permanent employment, advanced first aid certifications from the American Red Cross such as CPR for the Professional Rescuer and Community First Aid or equivalent or higher certification such as EMT I. Equivalent certifications from the American Red Cross include Emergency Responder or Advanced Life Savings.  

Must have successfully completed the Airport Firefighter course offered by the Alabama Fire College or must successfully complete the 6-day course when it is offered.

Special Requirements

Must submit to a 10-year employment background check with a 5-year verification check to satisfy Federal Aviation Administration requirements. Must have and maintain a valid Alabama driver’s license in order to operate Airport Authority vehicles. Must be willing to be on call 24-hours and to respond after normal working hours as needed to handle emergency incidents.

PHYSICAL ABILITIES: Physical ability to walk long distances such as along runways and taxiways in order to perform inspections or observe daily activities to ensure compliance with FAA regulations.

CLASS: AI8870; EST: ; REV: 4/28/1998;