Montgomery City County Personnel

Airport Police Lieutenant (#AI8868)

Pay Grade


Nature of Work

This is a specialized management position responsible for management and supervision of the Airport Police Personnel and, in the absence of the Police Chief, the department and all aviation security related matters in support of the Airport Security Program. This position is responsible for directing and scheduling training for all personnel assigned to the Airport Police Department. Airport police duties also include specialized security requirements of the airport such as supervision of sterile concourse, traffic direction, arrest and detention of criminal suspects, direction of search procedures in bomb threat incidents, implementation of increased security measures in response to intelligence assessments and threats against civil action, conducts training missions in airport police related subjects, working with the FBI on violations of federal laws and regulations concerning traveling public, insuring proper coordination of all police matters with appropriate municipal, county, state or federal law enforcement officials, and overseeing all security and law enforcement functions. Supervision is received from the Airport Police Chief.

Minimum Qualifications

Must have completed the probationary period as an Airport Police Sergeant. Must have graduated from a standard high school or its equivalent by G.E.D. testing. Must meet the requirements for police officers established by the State of Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission (A.P.O.S.T.C.).

Special Requirements

Must submit to a 5-year employment background check to satisfy Federal Aviation Administration requirements.

CLASS: AI8868; EST: ; REV: 6/20/2003;