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Supplemental Questionnaire

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Please note that your answer on the supplemental questionnaire must correspond to the information that is provided on your application to receive credit.


Do you have more than one year of experience supervising youth in a structured environment, such as in a recreation center or school setting, or in a juvenile services facility or community program?

Yes No

If yes, please specify the number of years of experience you have in supervising youth in a structured environment, such as in a recreation center or school setting, or in a juvenile services facility or community program. 

Please provide the name of the employer where you performed this job duty, and the dates of when you performed the job duty. Please make sure that your responses are reflected in Work History Section of your job application.




Employees in DJS mandated positions (involving the investigation, custody, control or supervision of minors, juvenile delinquents, and youthful offenders who are under the supervision and authority of DJS) are subject to substance abuse testing in accordance with Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR).


Applicants must meet the selection standards required and successfully complete the training prescribed by the Maryland Correctional Training Commission (MCTC).


DJS employees in mandated positions may be (1) subject to being on-call 24 hours a day and therefore must provide the employing Agency with a telephone number where they can be reached; and (2) assigned duties that require the operation of a motor vehicle and therefore will be required to possess a motor vehicle operator's license valid in the State of Maryland.


DJS employees in all mandated positions are assigned a regular shift but may be required to work other shifts, evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays as required by staffing needs.


DJS employees in all mandated positions must be WILLING to do the following:


1. Give directions and follow instructions.

2. Be accountable and responsible for one’s own work and decisions.

3. Behave as a role model for co-workers and youth.

4. Communicate and provide services to youth.

5. Successfully complete a six-week Training Academy.

6. Accept assignment on any work shift: day, evening, or night.

7. Work weekends and holidays, work mandatory overtime following your shift when

needed due to a staff shortage, and work around the clock (with breaks) in cases

of emergency.

8. Be designated as essential personnel, requiring you to attend work regardless of

weather-related and other emergencies.

9. Arrive on time at the beginning of your assigned shift every day as scheduled.

10. Move from one assignment to another on short notice.

11. Take responsibility for your own transportation to work.

12. Regard your position with DJS as your primary employment, committing to work

schedules and emergency call-ins over any other job you may hold.

13. Work directly with youth who may have behavioral problems and issues.

14. Patrol youth living quarters, work areas, and recreational areas to monitor youth

activity and prevent or detect unusual or potentially disruptive behavior.

15. Listen to youth problems, needs, and complaints and respond with the

appropriate action or referral.

16. Respond appropriately to pressure from youth to ensure that activities are in

compliance with required laws and regulations.

17. Conduct searches of living areas, youth rooms, and visitors for safety hazards and

contraband, as required.

18. Administer basic first responder first aid as necessary to youth, including

cardiopulmonary and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

19. Complete routine paper work on a regular basis, including writing notes in

logbooks, documenting head counts, and writing in-depth narrative reports to

document disruptive incidents.

20. Listen to and follow oral instructions from your supervisor.


The items listed above describe many of the things that you may be required to do as a DJS employee in a mandated position and are in addition to the duties and responsibilities outlined in your job description (MS-22) and state and DJS policies, procedures, regulations and standards. Please consider each item carefully and honestly. If you are not willing to agree to these terms and conditions, you should probably consider a different career opportunity in Maryland State government. For additional career information, please visit


Are you willing to adhere to a on-call work schedule that requires you to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week? 

Yes No

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