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Are you at least 21 years of age or will you be within 6 months?

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Are you a U.S. Citizen or Legal Resident Alien? 

A resident alien is a foreign-born United States resident who is not a U.S. citizen. A resident alien is also known as a permanent resident or a lawful permanent resident, which means they are considered an immigrant who has been legally and lawfully recorded as a resident of the country.

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Do you possess a High School diploma or GED?
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The DPSCS correctional facilities are located in the following areas:

Your selection on your application, will dictate where you will be assigned for work. 

Allegany County (Cumberland)

Anne Arundel County (Jessup)

Baltimore City (Baltimore)

Carroll County (Sykesville)

Howard County (Jessup)

Somerset County (Westover)

Washington County (Hagerstown)


Are you willing to accept employment in at least one of the areas listed above? (Please adjust your county selection on your application, if necessary.)

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Did a Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services employee refer
you to this position?
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If yes, please indicate the following:

Referring Employee's *Full* Name

Employee's Work Location/Assignment


Are you proficient in American Sign Language?

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Do you possess the ability to speak, write, translate fluently from Spanish to English, and English to Spanish?


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If you are fluent in a language other than English, please indicate the language(s) below.  (If you are not fluent in another language, please enter "NA".)





It is important that you understand what is involved in becoming and working as a Correctional Officer. Read each of the items listed below, and carefully consider whether or not you are willing to accept them as part of the hiring process or as conditions of employment. All of the items are things that are required and expected of all Correctional Officers.




I am willing to:


·       undergo an extensive background investigation, including a review of criminal, court and driving records, my credit history and interviews with previous employers.

·       sit for a three-person interview panel (oral interview), and submit a writing sample.

·       undergo psychological and medical exams.

·       undergo pre-employment drug testing.

·       submit to random drug testing at any time during my employment.

·       attend a Training Academy for seven weeks to listen, observe, follow oral instructions, and complete practical exercises, including training in defensive tactics, riot control, chemical agent exposure, teargas exposure, and CPR.

·       treat all fellow employees with dignity and respect.




I am willing to:


·      accept assignment at any facility within the county(ies) I selected on my application.

•    accept assignment on any work shift: day, evening, or overnight.

·       work weekends and holidays as assigned.

·       work mandatory overtime following my shift due to a staff shortage if necessary.

·       be designated as essential personnel, requiring me to attend work regardless of weather-related and other emergencies.

·       arrive on time at the beginning of my assigned shift every day as scheduled.

·       move from one assignment to another on short notice.

·       be on call 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies.

·       take responsibility for my own transportation to work.

·       maintain a reliable communication link (telephone) at my own cost for the purpose of emergency on-call duties.

·       report and obtain supervisory approval for any secondary job I may wish to hold.

·       regard my job as a Correctional Officer as my primary employment, committing to work schedules and emergency call-ins over any other job I may hold.

·       wear a uniform to work, and to wear the uniform properly while traveling to and from work.

·       adhere to a dress code policy that includes restrictions on color, style and length of hair; wearing of jewelry and cosmetics; beards; etc.

·       take pride in my physical appearance and to arrive at work everyday in a clean and neat uniform, with polished shoes and brass.



I am willing to:


·       work outside in severe weather conditions, including extreme heat, extreme cold, wind, rain and snow.

·       patrol non air-conditioned housing units during the summer months as part of my regular work duties.

·       remain standing for up to 4 hours at a time and/or patrol facilities that are an average of 1.4 miles in perimeter for up to 4 hours at a time.

·       climb a ladder or stairs to work in a watch tower, which is an average of 34 feet above the ground.

·       search confined quarters, requiring bending, crawling and moving objects weighing 50 pounds or more.

·       lift, carry or assist injured inmates or staff members, which may require lifting more than 100 pounds.

·       accept assignment to any facility (minimum, medium, maximum security prisons, pre-release units, pre-trial detention or centralized arrest booking) at any point in my employment, including upon graduation from the training academy.





NOTE: You will learn the tasks listed below in the Training Academy. This listing refers only to your willingness to complete the tasks after you have received and passed all applicable training.


I am willing to:


·       work with a population that has a higher than average incidence of medical conditions such as HIV, seizures, tuberculosis and hepatitis.

·       work as the sole Officer-in-Charge of up to 60 - 100 inmates who are not confined to their cells during the day.

·       work around inmates who may be abusive and hostile.

·       patrol inmate living quarters, work areas and recreational areas to monitor inmate activity and prevent or detect unusual or potentially disruptive behavior.

·       listen to inmate problems, needs and complaints and respond with the appropriate action or referral.

·       refuse bribes from inmates and not give in to pressure from inmates to do things that are against regulations.

·       be firm, fair and impartial in all my dealings with inmates.





NOTE: You will learn the tasks listed below in the Training Academy. This listing refers only to your willingness to complete the tasks after you have received and passed all applicable training.


I am willing to:

·       work in protective clothing and gear such as gloves, helmets and protective body armor for my entire shift when the need arises.

·       wear safety equipment when necessary (such as gas masks and respirators) and otherwise comply with safety requirements.

·       walk through areas contaminated with chemical agents, with the appropriate safety equipment.

·       attach restraining equipment (handcuffs, leg irons, belly or waist chains) to inmates to restrict their movement when necessary.

·       use physical force to control potentially dangerous situations or to subdue inmates when necessary.

·       conduct searches of inmate cells, vehicles and work areas for safety hazards, drugs, weapons and other unauthorized materials.

·       perform searches of inmates, employees, and visitors, including frisk, pat-down, and strip searches as required.

·       face possible direct exposure to inmate urine, feces, blood or airborne pathogens during routine duties, physical attacks by inmates and riot situations

·       administer basic first responder first aid as necessary to inmates, including cardiopulmonary and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.



I am willing to:

·       complete routine paperwork on a regular basis, including writing detailed and accurate entries in log books, documenting head counts and writing in-depth narrative reports to document disruptive incidents.

·       work in a military-structured environment, following specific rules for chain of command.

·       communicate with the previous shift officer and any other staff to learn about occurrences and circumstances that may affect my shift.

·       listen to and follow oral instructions from my supervisor.

·       report security violations or unsound security practices of other Correctional Officers to my supervisors.

·       be a team player, assisting other officers in cases of emergencies, and working as part of a contingency to ensure the safety of other officers, inmates and the public.


Please indicate Yes or No below.

Yes, I AM willing to perform all of the required tasks and I wish to continue in the Correctional Officer application process.
No, I am NOT willing to perform the required tasks, I wish to exit this process.

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