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Supplemental Questionnaire

Last Name
First Name

Please describe your experience conducting procurements which included advertising procurement opportunity, distributing specifications to vendors, conducting vendor conferences, receiving and securing bids or proposals, coordinating evaluation committees, conducting vendor debriefings, responding to protests regarding proposed awards and monitoring contract performance.  If no experience, indicate n/a.


Please explain your understanding and working knowledge of government procurement laws, regulations, and policies. If you do not have any experience, please enter NA.


In the box below please describe what type of procurements you have conducted.  List the type of procurement and describe the specific job duties that you performed for each type of procurement.  Please include the name and address of your employer and dates of employment.  If you do not have this experience please enter N/A.


Please describe your experience in a supervisory role.  Indicate employer name(s), date(s), number and type of employee(s) supervised, and supervisory functions involved (e.g., assigning and reviewing work, hiring/firing, discipline, leave management, performance evaluations, whether you supervised supervisors, etc.)  If you do not have this experience, indicate N/A.

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