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Supplemental Questionnaire

Last Name
First Name

Tuckahoe State Park

Supplemental Quesiontionnaire

Please check ALL positions in which you are interested in being considered for and fill out the corresponding supplemental questionnaire (if applicable).  Please note that some positions do not require a supplemental questionnaire to be completed. 

Park Ranger
Park Maintenance Worker (Tuckahoe & Martinak)
Park Maintenance Worker (Sassafras NRMA & Cypress Branch)
Park Maintenance Worker (Wye Island)
Park Naturalist
Concession Attendant

How much experience do you have teaching or providing interpretive programs in a park setting or classroom:

less than 1 year
1-5 years
6-10 years
more than 10 years

Please rate your level of comfort with speaking to park visitors and providing customer service.

Very comfortable
Somewhat comfortable
Not comfortable

Due to the expansive area of our park complex, all positions (except concessions) require that you be able to drive a vehicle; Do you possess a valid driver’s license?


Yes No

How much experience do you have working in a park setting or museum setting?  


1-3 years
3-5 years
5-10 years
more than 10
no experience

Please select the following tools and equipment you have experience with operating:


Computers (electronic time card submission bi-weekly required)
Grounds keeping equipment, such as mowers, weed-eaters, and leaf blowers

This position requires the ability to work rotating shifts including weekends and holidays. Shifts may be as long as 8 hours, begin as early as 6:00 a.m. and end as late as 10:30 pm. Are you able to meet this requirement?


Yes No

This position requires you to work at least 3 weekends and all holidays during the season, are you able to meet this requirement?


Yes No

Are you comfortable with cleaning restrooms?


Yes No

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