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- Monthly / $60,514.00-$97,159.00 Yearly




This is regulatory work at the supervisory and administrative level. The Chief, Plant Protection is responsible for implementing, planning, directing and coordinating both the administrative and technical phases of the Statewide program which includes plant quarantine, nursery inspection, certified plant production, seed potato inspection, apiary inspection and bird control. The employee has statewide responsibility for the administration and implementation of laws and regulations pertaining to plant protection, bird control and apiary inspection activities and serves as or supervises the Department expert on these matters.

An employee in this class works under the administrative direction of the Director, Division of Plant Industries and confers with the Director on matters of policy and program objectives. Work effectiveness is determined through conferences and evaluation of program results.

The employee supervises a staff of entomologists, plant disease specialists, ornithologists, inspectors and other assigned technical, professional and clerical employees engaged in work related to plant protection.


Directs and coordinates the Maryland Department of Agricultures Plant Protection Section;

Plans, organizes and supervises the work of entomologists, plant pathologists, ornithologists, inspectors, laboratory workers and clerical personnel;

Develops section operating rules and procedures in conformance with applicable laws and regulations and Departmental policies;

Prepares suggested changes to laws and regulations for submission to Division Director;

Prepares budget requests for submission to Division Director;

Supervises or directs the activities of section staff in the inspection, investigation, and sampling work related to the enforcement of agricultural laws;

Coordinates Department activities with the nursery, beekeeping, and agricultural industries regarding regulatory programs;

Serves as principal Departmental advisor on matters concerning plant quarantine, nursery inspection, bird control, plant disease control, and apiary inspection;

Selects, trains and develops staff; Insures adequate flow of necessary supplies and materials;

Performs other necessary duties as required.


Specific educational and experience requirements are set by the agency based on the essential job functions assigned to the position.


Class descriptions broadly define groups of positions used by various State departments and agencies. Position descriptions maintained by the using department or agency specifically address the essential job functions of each position.

Date Established

Jul 1 1978 12:00AM

Approved By

Director, Division of Classification and Salary

CLASS: 003513; EST: 7/1/1978; REV: ;

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