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An Inventory Control Specialist is the full performance level of technical and administrative work coordinating the disposal of surplus property from State agencies.  Employees in this classification are responsible for reviewing and determining the method of disposition and supervising the disposal of surplus property.  The work of the classification entails considerable contact with administrative personnel in both government and private organizations for the purpose of coordinating plans that will yield the highest financial return for the sale of surplus property.  Employees in this classification conduct field audits to assure compliance with surplus property disposal standards and controls of the State Inventory Management Division.  Employees in this classification are responsible for interpreting and applying pertinent laws, regulations and procedures of the State’s surplus property system.  Employees in this classification do not supervise other positions and frequently work alone in disposing surplus property and auditing inventories.

Employees in this classification receives general supervision from the Inventory Management Division Manager but is independently responsible for all recommendations related to surplus property disposal not affecting major State policies.

Positions in this classification are evaluated by using the classification job evaluation methodology. The use of this method involves comparing assigned duties and responsibilities of a position to the job criteria defined in the Nature of Work and Example of Work sections of the class specification.


Prepares plans for and administers the movement and disposition of surplus property throughout the State;

Resolves logistical problems to avoid storage, transportation or disposal charges that are unnecessary or that cannot be recouped through the selling price of property;

Inspects, determines the value and disposal method of State Surplus Property;

Prepares items for Board of Public works agendas recommending proper disposal methods and the removal of property from State inventory records;

Administers statewide publication of the Excess Property Bulletin;

Locates buyers for surplus property; organizes public auctions; arranges sealed bid sales, spot sales or any appropriate method of disposal which provides the greatest return to the State;

Administers the process of reporting missing and stolen State property;

Prepares reports of audits and findings with adequate justification to support recommendations;

Assists concerned parties in coming into compliance with rules, regulations and statutory requirements;

Performs other related duties.


Knowledge of expert physical distribution systems including storage, handling, transportation and ultimate disposition of surplus property;

Knowledge of English usage;

Knowledge of reports; Knowledge of interviewing principles and techniques;

Knowledge of inventory control principles;

Ability to understand and apply laws, regulations and procedures, applicable to inventory operations and property disposal;

Ability to identify problems and recommend appropriate solutions based on logical considerations and alternatives;

Ability to develop procedures used in the disposal of surplus property;

Ability to determine best disposal method of equipment based on its condition;

Ability to determine fair market value of used property;

Ability to communicate effectively;

Ability to exercise independent judgment and initiative.


Education:  Graduation from an accredited high school or possession of a high school equivalency certificate.

Experience: Four years of experience in the disposal of surplus equipment, materials and supplies.


1. Candidates may substitute education at an accredited college or university may be substituted at the rate of 30 credit hours for each year of experience, for up to 2 years of the required experience.

2. Candidates may substitute U.S. Armed Forces military service experience as a non-commissioned officer in Supply and Logistics classifications or Supply and Materials Control and Management specialty codes in the supply field of work on a year-for-year basis for the required experience.  


Employees in this classification may be assigned duties which require the operation of a motor vehicle. Employees assigned such duties may be required to possess a motor vehicle operator’s license valid in the State of Maryland.


Some positions in this classification are assigned duties which require the individual to be examined by a physician after an offer of employment, applicants for such positions will be given a medical examination to certify the ability to perform the essential job functions.


Class specifications are broad descriptions covering groups of positions used by various State departments and agencies. Position descriptions maintained by the using department or agency specifically address the essential job functions of each position.

This is a Skilled Service classification in the State Personnel Management System.  All positions in this classification are Skilled Service positions.  Some positions in Skilled Service classifications may be designated Special Appointment in accordance with the State Personnel and Pensions Article, Section 6-405, Annotated Code of Maryland.

This classification is assigned to Bargaining Unit B-Administrative, Technical and Clerical classes.  As provided by State Personnel and Pensions Article, Section 3-102, special appointment, temporary, contractual, supervisory, managerial and confidential employees are excluded from collective bargaining.  Additionally, certain executive branch agencies are exempt from collective bargaining and all positions in those agencies are excluded from collective bargaining.

Employees in this classification are eligible to receive overtime compensation.   An employee who works more than the normal workweek is entitled to be compensated for that overtime, as provided by the State Personnel and Pensions Article, Section 8-305.

Date Established

Aug 20 1981 12:00AM

Date Revised

July 19, 2019

Approved By

Director, Division of Classification and Salary

CLASS: 002548; EST: 8/20/1981; REV: 7/19/2019;

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