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A Buyer IV, Purchasing Bureau General is the supervisory level of professional competence in the field of professional governmental purchasing.  Employees in this classification head a purchasing team in the procurement of a variety of commodities.  Employees in this classification are responsible for monitoring the team’s performance by assuring that all requisition processing and purchases are timely, suitable and in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Purchasing Bureau.  Employees in this classification are responsible for seeing that new sources of supply are developed, for establishing annual saving goals for the team, and for training new Buyers.  Employees in this classification are also responsible for purchasing commodities within an assigned commodity group.  Employees in this classification have the authority to contract for purchases at a specific dollar value as amended from time to time.  Employees in this classification, as assigned, may be designated to supervise all buying activities.   Employees in this classification supervise a team of professional Buyers, para-professionals and clerical support staff.

Employees in this classification receive general supervision from the Supervisor, Purchasing Bureau, or other designated supervisory personnel.  Work is evaluated through meeting established goals, conferences and reports in terms of the successful operation of the team.

Positions in this classification are evaluated by using the classification job evaluation methodology.  The use of this method involves comparing the assigned duties and responsibilities of a position to the job criteria found in the Nature of Work and Examples of Work sections of the class specification.

The Buyer IV, Purchasing Bureau is differentiated from the Buyer III, Purchasing Bureau in that the Buyer IV, Purchasing Bureau has supervisory responsibility for lower-level Buyers, Purchasing Bureau while the Buyer III, Purchasing Bureau performs the full range of duties and responsibilities under general supervision.


Supervises a purchasing team in the procurement of a variety of commodities and is responsible for the procurement of an assigned group of commodities;

Trains and develops Buyers and other employees assigned to the team;

Assures Buyer adherence to purchasing manual, laws, regulations and policies;

Establishes annual savings goals for the team, in conjunction with the Supervisor, Purchasing Bureau;

Reviews periodic computer reports to recognize repetitive commodities which should be purchased on contract, or on a scheduled basis;

Analyzes the commodities to find out where the team should concentrate its efforts for maximum return on invested time;

Develops new sources of supply;

Studies market trends, keeps abreast of new products and technological changes and advises management accordingly;

Maintains good vendor selection through good vendor performance;

Visits State agencies to acquire an understanding of commodity needs and offers solutions or alternatives;

Visits vendors to obtain new ideas and increased knowledge of commodities;

Performs market research, life cycle costing and value analysis;

Assists in preparing standards and specifications for various commodity classifications;

Reviews and analyzes records to study history of commodities purchased;

Prepares periodic narrative and statistical reports on team’s activities and performance;

Prepares special narrative reports on specific projects as requested;

Performs other related duties.


Knowledge, at the expert level of proficiency, of the market value and sources of supply for a variety of supplies, materials and equipment;

Knowledge of the principles of purchasing and competitive bid purchasing methods and procedures;

Knowledge of specification preparing techniques, of life cycle costing and value analysis techniques;

Ability to prepare and interpret product specifications and standards and to determine product suitability;

Ability to maintain effective and favorable relations with suppliers, State agencies’ personnel, and fellow employees;

Ability to prepare and maintain a variety of administrative, narrative and numerical records and reports;

Ability to study and understand market trends and product developments;

Ability to supervise and train others. 


Education:   Graduation from an accredited high school or possession of a high school equivalency certificate.

Experience: Six years of experience as a buyer performing work involving determination of source, preparation of complex specifications, and the procurement of a variety of supplies, materials, equipment and services in accordance with       competitive bid purchasing methods.

Note: Candidates may substitute the possession of additional education at an accredited college or university at the rate of 30 credit hours for up to one year of the required experience.




Class specifications are broad descriptions covering groups of positions used by various State departments and agencies. Position descriptions maintained by the using department or agency specifically address the essential job functions of each position.

This is a Skilled Service classification in the State Personnel Management System.  All positions in this classification are Skilled Service positions.  Some positions in Skilled Service classifications may be designated Special Appointment in accordance with the State Personnel and Pensions Article, Section 6-405, Annotated Code of Maryland.

This classification is not assigned to a bargaining unit, as indicated by the designation of S (Supervisor), M (Manager), T (Agency Head), U (Board or Commission Member), W (Student), X (Used by Agency or Excluded by Executive Order), or Z (Confidential).  As provided by State Personnel and Pensions Article, Section 3-102, special appointment, temporary, contractual, supervisory, managerial and confidential employees are excluded collective bargaining.  Additionally, certain executive branch agencies are exempt from collective bargaining and all positions in those agencies are excluded from   collective bargaining.

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March 19, 2021

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Director, Division of Classification and Salary

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