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A Maintenance Mechanic is the intermediate level of work in the trades of electricity, plumbing, steam fitting, air-conditioning or refrigeration.  Employees in this classification perform general maintenance tasks, such as simple construction, preventative maintenance, improvements and minor repairs to buildings, fixtures, mechanical equipment, grounds and roadways and are expected to perform specialized tasks in at least one of the trades.  Employees in this classification do not supervise other positions but on occasion may be required to provide guidance and direction to other unskilled or skilled Maintenance Service Workers and patient or inmate helpers.

Employees in this classification receive moderate supervision from a Maintenance Chief or other designated higher-level maintenance staff.  Employees may be required to work in areas of extreme heat or cold and may be required to lift heavy objects, such as furniture or equipment.

Positions in this classification are evaluated by using the classification job evaluation methodology.  This method compares the position’s assigned duties and responsibilities to the job criteria defined in the Nature of Work and Examples of Work sections of the class specification.


Makes minor repairs and alterations to equipment and building structures;

Makes minor repairs, in the plumbing trade, to fixtures, steam pipes and fittings;

Makes minor repairs, in the refrigeration trade, to refrigerator motors, doors, shelves and wiring;

Makes minor repairs, in the air-conditioning trade, to systems and maintains air-conditioning units;

Makes minor repairs, in the carpentry trade, to floors, windows, furniture and wooden structures;

Makes minor repairs, in the masonry trade, to roadways, walkways, footbridges, retaining walls and other ground construction;

Makes repairs, in the electrical trade, to vacuum cleaners, buffers, fans and other electrical appliances and extension cords;

Changes light bulbs and ballasts in lighting fixtures;

Checks and maintains sewer lines, cleans traps and changes filters;

Caulks doors and windows;

Cleans, oils and lubricates electrical and mechanical equipment and machines;

Washes, brushes, sands and scrapes interior and exterior walls, ceilings, floors and other building surfaces;

Applies paints, varnishes, stains, waterproofing agents and other protectives;

Patches block, brick and stone walls;

Builds, constructs and erects fencing;

May inspect buildings and grounds to insure adherence to safety and sanitary regulations;

May operate automobiles, pick-up and panel trucks and vans, tractors, and power mowers;

May, on occasion, assign work and provide guidance and assistance to unskilled and semi-skilled workers such as Groundskeepers and helpers;

Performs other related duties.


Knowledge of the techniques and practices utilized in one or more of the following trades: electricity, plumbing, steam fitting, refrigeration and air-conditioning;

Knowledge of the general practices of carpentry, metalworking, painting, plastering and masonry;

Skill in the use of common maintenance tools and equipment, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, levels, shovels and saws;

Skill in the use of trade tools and equipment utilized in the respective trade areas, such as in plumbing the use of plungers, pipe wrenches, welding equipment, drain rotors and small handtools;

Ability to perform arithmetic computations;

Ability to follow instructions;

Ability to prepare reports;

Ability to schedule work;

Ability to make rough estimates of time and material needed to complete a project;

Ability to use adjustment gauges and lubrication equipment.


Education:   Eighth grade.

Experience: Three years of experience in any combination of the maintenance trades provided that at least two years of experience are primarily in the trades of electricity, plumbing, steamfittings, refrigeration or air-conditioning.


1. Candidates may substitute additional experience in any of the maintenance trades on a year-for-year basis for up to three years of the required education.

2. Candidates may substitute the possession of a degree from an accredited vocational or technical high school with a major in Building Maintenance or a related field for the required experience.

3. Candidates may substitute U.S. Armed Forces military service experience as a non-commissioned officer in utilities repair classifications or construction and engineering specialty codes in any combination of maintenance trades, on a year-for-year basis for the required experience.


Employees in this classification may be assigned duties which require the operation of a motor vehicle. Employees assigned such duties will be required to possess a motor vehicle operator’s license valid in the State of Maryland.


Class specifications are broad descriptions covering groups of positions used by various State departments and agencies. Position descriptions maintained by the using department or agency specifically address the essential job functions of each position.

This is a Skilled Service classification in the State Personnel Management System.  All positions in this classification are Skilled Service positions.  Some positions in Skilled Service classifications may be designated Special Appointment in accordance with the State Personnel and Pensions Article, Section 6-405, Annotated Code of Maryland.

This classification is assigned to Bargaining Unit A-Labor and Trades classes.  As provided by State Personnel and Pensions Article, Section 3-102, special appointment, temporary, contractual, supervisory, managerial and confidential employees are excluded from collective bargaining.  Additionally, certain executive branch agencies are exempt from collective bargaining and all positions in those agencies are excluded from collective bargaining.

Employees in this classification are eligible to receive overtime compensation.  An employee who works more than the normal workweek is entitled to be compensated for that overtime, as provided by the State Personnel and Pensions Article, Section 8-305. 

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September 27, 2019

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Director, Division of Classification and Salary

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