Master Application

Recruitment #AF-0000-01


Master Application: Loudoun County invites you to file a general-purpose on-line employment application that will remain active in our database for at least a year. This "Master Application" is not for a specific job opening, but may be helpful in maintaining an up-to-date application which can be used to apply for future job openings. 

Why submit a "Master Application?"

To be ready to apply for any new opening - Your employment history and other parts of your application will be ready to copy into another application for any future recruitment for which you wish to apply. With just a few keystrokes, you will be able to transfer the information you enter today into new applications for specific recruitments that open in the future. This will save you time and take the stress out of completing an application for a "real" job.

To enter your Master Application:  

1. Scroll down to the bottom of this screen and click on "Apply on line".
2. Complete the registration process and record your user ID and password for future use.
3. Complete your application, including your resume if you wish.
4. Submit your application over the Internet by pressing the Send button in the final part of the online application. 

Your application will remain in our database for at least one year.

To submit an application for a specific recruitment at a later time:

1. Select the recruitment you wish to apply for from the list on the Current Employment Opportunities and click on the Job Number or Job Title
2. Scroll down and choose the option to apply on line
3. Click on the button that says "I have Registered Previously"
4. Use your user ID and password to retrieve a list of all previous applications
5. Select the "Master Application" to copy the information into the new application.
6. Make modifications to the new application.
7. Submit your application for the specific recruitment.


Click on the link below to apply