Recruitment #24-131-0167

Job Description

Loudoun County's Department of Planning and Zoning (DPZ) is seeking a dynamic and talented technology professional for a full-time position as a Functional Analyst. The position will be a member of the Customer Service Center team and responsible for a wide variety of technical challenges in support of the Department of Planning and Zoning for Loudoun County, VA. Primary responsibility will be in support of the new enterprise LandMARC (Land Management, Applications, Research, Coordination) system. LandMARC replaced LMIS and is used for land management business processes and consolidates other required functions under one cohesive, enterprise system.

The successful candidate will understand current IT best practices and be able to adjust to evolving business and user requirements. Relevant skills include the design, development, testing and maintenance of information systems, along with implementation and support experience with enterprise-level COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) applications. The ability to work effectively, both in a team environment as well as independently, is required.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
• Administer the enterprise Land Management System (LandMARC) suite of programs used to support DPZ business processes.
• Coordinate, analyze, and configure changes to automated workflows in LandMARC to comply with changing zoning ordinance requirements, timelines, fees or planning practice changes.
• Provide training and technical support to Planning and Zoning Staff (e.g., assigning user roles to new staff, user security, trouble-shooting system issues, etc.).
• Ensure system functionality and consistency between LandMARC, GIS, Oracle, Laserfiche, Bluebeam, iasWorld, and financial payments.
• Serve as representative for DPZ to discuss issues and concerns with the County’s LandMARC governance team.
• Analyze current IT systems, architectures, and processes.
• Manage cell phones, iPADS, and other departmental equipment (updates, deployment, functionality, etc.) for DPZ.
• Identify business requirements and processes and translate them into functional requirements.
• Establish and maintain communication with vendors and Loudoun County staff to ensure that COTS applications are fully and effectively utilized.
• Develop new IT methods and solutions for the business.
• Report issues, advances made, and other important information to stakeholders.
• Document workflows and processes for the development of support documentation.
• Analyze and resolve issues and incidents.

Job Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Data Processing, Electronics, Information System Management, or related field with continuing education beyond graduation; five (5) years of related experience in computer technology, electronics, programming, design, development, data base management, and/or administration preferably in a government environment with some experience with LAN/WAN/Netware and Microsoft.

Preferred Skills:
• Demonstrated technical skills.
• Knowledge of databases, data processes, program architectures, and data security.
• Knowledge of industry best practices and experience with both hardware and software systems.
• Knowledge of land development application processes.
• Experience with Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
• Industry related experience with land, license and asset management software, implementation, or consulting services.
• Experience in recording and/or contact management systems.
• Software implementation/consulting services background.
• API analysis and/or development experience.
• Experience with enterprise imaging systems (Laserfiche preferred).
• Must be able to communicate technical concepts clearly and accurately.
• Excellent planning and organizational skills.
• Strong work ethic and commitment to excellence.
• Self-motivated team player.

Salary commensurate with experience. 

Post Conditional Offer Contingencies

The Department promotes teleworking. This position requires a valid driver's license, driving record, credit, and criminal background checks.