Recruitment #22-U2-0043


NOTICE:  LCSO has a new electronic Applicant Screening Questionnaire that must be completed and submitted within 5 business days of the date you submit your application in order for your application to be considered for the position.  Failure to complete and submit the electronic questionnaire will disqualify you from this recruitment. CLICK HERE FOR APPLICANT SCREENING QUESTIONNAIRE.

Job Description

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is seeking a professional, dedicated individual who is interested in a part-time Courthouse Security Deputy position to work 19-hours per week. The part-time Courthouse Security Deputy would be responsible for transporting inmates from the Adult Detention Center to the Courthouse on a daily basis, escort inmates inside the court rooms, and general care and custody of inmates while at the Courthouse.

Job Requirements

Minimum qualifications are a high school diploma or equivalent, U.S. Citizen, minimum age of 21, and a valid driver's license. All applicants must currently have a Virginia DCJS Court Security/Civil Process Certification or had the certification within the previous 36 months.

Post Conditional Offer Contingencies

Must submit a completed online Applicant Screening Questionnaire within 5 days of the date you submitted your online County application. Selection process includes review of applicant screening questionnaire and County application, an in-person background interview, physical abilities testing, panel interview, polygraph examination, psychological evaluation, medical physical examination to include drug screening, and an intensive background investigation to include fingerprinting, credit check, and driving record check.