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Job Description

The Infrastructure Compliance Team, in the Engineering Division of the Department of Building and Development, has an opportunity for an entry-level Engineer Technician position, in one of the fastest-growing local government jurisdictions in the United States. Primary responsibilities will include inspecting new roadways and other infrastructure, investigating engineering issues related to new construction in the field, meeting with Homeowners Association (HOA) representatives and other citizens to address their concerns, and determining to what extent construction performance bonds qualify for a reduction or full release. Additional responsibilities include reviewing Individual Lot Grading Plans for conformance with County standards, reviewing Preliminary Street Acceptance Packages for submission to VDOT, and another backup to Division engineers as assigned. The position represents a mix of in-office and fieldwork and requires the ability to work in team settings as well as independently with equal effectiveness. The successful candidate will possess project management skills including the ability to read and interpret engineering plans, maintain detailed inspection notes and project files, and daily activity logs. Applicants should be familiar with topographic maps, geotechnical report concepts, and general industry practices regarding site civil plans and construction. Excellent organization skills, computer skills including Microsoft Word and Office 365, and a keen interest in developing interpersonal communication skills commensurate with the Loudoun County level of customer service are critical to the job.

Job Requirements

Associate degree; two (2) years of related work experience preferably related to storm water, management, engineering, or a related field; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Special Requirements

Must have and maintain a valid driver's license and good driving record.

Post Conditional Offer Contingencies

Successful candidate must pass background checks in criminal, credit, and driving record history.

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