Recruitment #21-F3-0046


    Job Description

    Loudoun County Fire and Rescue (LCFR) is seeking qualified applicants to establish a two-year eligibility list for regular, full-time Fire-Rescue Technicians working 42 hours per week at various sites. The Technician under the general direction of their designated supervisor will have the overall responsibility for ensuring that apparatus, equipment, and supplies are kept in a state of operational readiness, to include daily, weekly, and monthly inspections. General duties include: responding to various emergency incidents, public education, fire and life safety inspections and surveys, customer service to both civilians and system members.

    While this position has no official supervisory roles and responsibilities, generally Fire-Rescue Technicians will indirectly supervise other subordinates on their shift, to include: probationary Firefighters, in station training, reports, and logs. This position will assist other personnel on how to drive, operate, maintain and inspect fire and rescue apparatus. Fire-Rescue Technicians should be able to operate independently with little to no supervision. Candidate should have a broad knowledge of county roadways, ability to prepare clear and concise reports, ability to identify and solve routine work related problems, and the ability to develop effective working relationships with coworkers, system members, and the general public.

    This position may be used to fill various administrative and/or other Technician vacancies within and across the Department, to include all Divisions and Sections; personnel are subject to transfer based on Departmental need. This eligibility list will be good for a period of two years but may be extended or closed at the discretion of the System Chief.

    Job Requirements

    Must be 21 years of age and a full-time, regular employee of LCFR on or before the date of ad closure. Requires high school diploma/GED and three years of experience as a career LCFR Firefighter/EMT or LCFR Assistant Fire Marshal on or before the posted closing date of the job advertisement.

    Special Requirements

    Requires valid, appropriate driver's license. Required certifications include: NFPA 1001 Fire Fighter II, Virginia EMT, NFPA 1002 EVOC III, NFPA 472 Hazardous Materials Operations, NFPA 1002 Driver/Operator-Pumper. In order to show proof of certification for NFPA 1002 Driver Operator-Pumper, candidates will be required to submit either Virginia Department of Fire Programs certificates or certificates showing equivalency through the Pro-Board Fire Service Professional Qualifications System, as outlined in SOP 02.05.01 (Promotional Guidelines).

    Applicants must complete an LCFR Promotional Addendum (Electronic Laserfiche Form 019) and attach a copy of your NFPA 1002 Driver Operator-Pumper certificate by 1700 hours on the date of ad closure (note: candidates DO NOT need to include a copy of valid driver's license or high school diploma/GED). To receive preference points for college education, attach a copy of your degree to the promotional addendum as well. A County of Loudoun electronic application, to include all previous Fire-Rescue experience, must also be received by County Human Resources by 1700 on date of ad closure.

    SPECIAL NOTE: Promotional Addendums MUST be completed via the electronic submission format (Laserfiche). Failure to submit the Laserfiche Promotional Addendum (Form 019) will result in disqualification from the process; the applicant will not be permitted to participate in testing. Addendums received in any other form will not be accepted or processed in any fashion. Promotional Addendum Form 019 can be found at G:\.LCFR OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS\Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)\FORMS.

    Post Conditional Offer Contingencies

    The selection process will include: review of application and promotional addendum, a written examination, practical skill exercises, verification of certifications and experience, and a full review of personnel file. Two non-compensated, non-mandatory orientation sessions will be held on August 18, 2020 (0900 hours) and August 19, 2020 (0900 hours) at the Wellness Center, 751 Miller Dr., Suite E. These sessions will address the multiple choice test and practical examination. Sessions are redundant; candidates only need to attend one.

    The written examination will be held at the Wellness Center, 751 Miller Dr., Suite E. The written exam will consist of a 100-question multiple choice test, which will be administered on September 15, 2020 and September 16, 2020 at 1000 hours; assignment of test date for each candidate will be made by LCFR Human Resources based on Departmental need. Appeals sessions for the multiple-choice test will be held on September 16, 2020 at 1300 hours and September 17, 2020 at 1000 hours, at the Wellness Center, 751 Miller Dr., Suite E. Additional information regarding appeals will be disseminated at the multiple-choice test. All written test questions will be selected from the following publications: NOVA Quick Reference Guide for Occupancy Responses (2013); NOVA Manual Operating Procedures for Roadway Incidents 3rd Edition (2012); NOVA Manual Engine Company Operations 2nd Edition (2013); NOVA Manual Water Supply for Suburban and Rural Firefighting 4th Edition (2019); NOVA Metrorail Emergencies 2nd Edition (2016); IFSTA Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook (Third Edition) excluding chapters 16 through 20 (Aerial Apparatus Chapters); Jones and Bartlett: Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills, (Third Edition); LC-CFRS EMS Protocols, Policies & Procedures; LCFR Vehicle Inspection Manual