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Supplemental Questionnaire

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IMPORTANT:  The information you provide on the standard application form and on this supplemental questionnaire will be used to evaluate your qualifications for this position.  Your responses to this questionnaire must be supported by the information on your application to be considered.  Resumes or referral to a resume in lieu of a response will not be accepted.

You are to provide explicit and concise statements. You are responsible to include all important information in your responses. The information you provide is subject to verification. Errors or omissions may affect your rating or consideration for employment.


Describe your paid experience in utilizing student recruitment techniques. (N/A if not applicable)


Describe your paid experience in developing, coordinating, implementing, and evaluating student recruitment programs and/or community services programs. (N/A if not applicable)


Describe your paid experience in working with admissions requirements & enrollment procedures of a college. (N/A if not applicable)


Describe your paid experience in working with eligibility requirements and enrollment procedures related to Financial Aid, EOPS, and other special services/programs. (N/A if not applicable)


Describe your paid experience in public relations, publicity, and/or marketing  (in promoting student services programs and/or community services programs). (N/A if not applicable.)


Describe your experience in managing data related to a student recruitment program and/or community services program to arrive at thorough analyses and sound conclusions. (N/A if not applicable)


List other relevant experience, training, coursework, computer skills, etc. that would assist us in assessing your qualifications for Student Recruitment Coordinator.