Los Angeles Community College District

Art Gallery Preparator (#5253)

$25.34-$31.39 hourly / $4,391.98-$5,440.90 monthly / $52,703.76-$65,290.80 annual


Assists in the operations of an art gallery, care of its art collection, and serves students, faculty, administration, media, benefactors, and general public by preparing and presenting world class art exhibitions.

Typical Duties

Assists in the physical operation of an art gallery and performs tasks involved in storing, cataloging, shipping, receiving, and installing art exhibits.

Coordinates and monitors the use of art gallery facilities by students, faculty, and others.

Maintains records and is responsible for the cataloging, assembling, care, and maintenance of a gallery's art collection and art collections on loan to the gallery and ensures compliance with insurance or loan agreements.

Arranges, assembles, maintains, and dismantles materials and display structures used in exhibition programs at an art gallery.

Hangs and focuses lights according to an exhibit design using contemporary lighting consoles; selects proper lighting equipment for artwork based on material sensitivity.

Provides guidance and assists student employees in the preparation of exhibitions and other gallery related projects.

Oversees and maintains security related to the operation and maintenance of an art gallery and the art collection including direction of student employees who function as receptionists and security during gallery exhibition hours.

Directs and assists with the packing, unpacking, and transportation of art works and collections arriving and leaving an art gallery.

Assists in the orderly maintenance of the gallery, gallery workshop, and art collection storage vault.

Frames, mounts, labels, places, and/or hangs various objects of art ensuring that aesthetic and safety standards are met.

Assists in planning educational art exhibits and gathering information for labels and assists in arranging special film programs and lectures.

Operates and maintains equipment such as power tools, painting equipment, and other equipment used in art galleries and art collections.

Transports and arranges for transportation of art objects and exhibits.

Arranges for necessary upkeep, restoration, and framing and reframing of art works in an art gallery.

Orders, receives, inspects, and stores supplies, tools, and equipment related to an art gallery.

Coordinates the day-to-day maintenance and cleaning of an art gallery including monitoring proper humidity and temperature levels for various artworks.

Performs clerical work related to gallery business including gathering promotional materials, program preparation, word processing, record keeping, filing, answering telephone inquiries, mailing preparation, and maintaining an art gallery's mailing list.

May assist in the maintenance of an art gallery budget.

Performs related duties as assigned.

Distinguishing Characteristics

An Art Gallery Preparator assists in the physical operation of an art gallery by performing tasks involved in displaying, storing, cleaning, cataloging, securing, transporting, and installing art exhibits.

An Art Gallery and Museum Director has full responsibility for the planning, operation, fundraising, and direction of a college art gallery and museum.

An Instructional Assistant, Art, applies knowledge of design, drawing, painting, print making, ceramics, and sculpture, in performing a broad range of duties related to the day-to-day operations of an art department which includes the preparation of supplies, materials, and equipment for instructional use, art gallery activities, record keeping, and store keeping functions.


General supervision is received from an art gallery director or academic administrator.  Work direction is provided to student employees.

Class Qualifications

Knowledge of:

Techniques and materials related to art gallery displays and exhibitions; including storage, packaging, shipping, and display techniques for various collections such as paintings, photography, film/video, and sculpture

Processing and cataloging of records for collections; implementing a control system for registering and locating collection items

Basic concepts of drawing, painting, commercial art, and design

Design and construction of art gallery display structures such as pedestals and devices

Principles and techniques of art gallery lighting

Operation of contemporary sound and projection consoles and related equipment used in an art gallery

Fine arts terminology and interrelationship of all areas of art

Proper use and care of power and hand tools used in art galleries

Office practices and procedures

Recordkeeping procedures

Proper storage and care of equipment and tools

Capabilities of computer systems, software, and hardware related to the operation of an art gallery

Ability to:

Design and construct art gallery display structures such as pedestals and devices

Frame, mount, hang, and dismount various artworks according to specifications

Recommend necessary storage, safety, and handling methods for art collection items

Safely operate shop tools and power equipment such as jig saws, miter saws, table saws, electric drills, power sanders, and scissor lifts, to construct and accommodate art gallery displays

Operate contemporary lighting consoles and select proper lighting equipment for artworks

Keep detailed and accurate records

Secure and store supplies

Climb ladders and lift and move heavy supplies and equipment safely

Work effectively and cooperatively with students, instructional staff, and other staff

Communicate effectively both orally and in writing

Effectively utilize computer hardware and software

Learn general and specialized computer applications used in an art gallery

Entrance Qualifications

Education and Experience:

Graduation from high school or its equivalent AND three years of full-time, paid experience in the preparation and exhibition of artwork in a gallery or museum setting.


A valid Class "C" California driver's license may be required for some positions.

Travel to locations throughout the District may be required for some positions.

Reasonable Accommodations

Our class specification generally describes the duties, responsibilities, and requirements characteristic of the position(s) within this job class. The duties, responsibilities, and requirements of a particular position within this class may vary from the duties of other positions within the class.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Los Angeles Community College District provides reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with covered disabilities on a case-by-case basis throughout the application, examination, and hiring processes and throughout employment. If an individual is in doubt about his or her ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of a position or possession of any other requirement noted in a class specification or job announcement, he or she should always apply for a position and request reasonable accommodation at the appropriate time.


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