Los Angeles Community College District

Payroll Systems Technician (#1338)

$27.09-$33.56 hourly / $4,695.52-$5,816.94 monthly / $56,346.24-$69,803.28 annual


Performs clerical-technical duties related to the entry of data, processing of forms and transactions, compilation and audit of data, preparation of reports and responses to inquiries, and resolution of system and employee issues related to payroll and retirement operations of the District.

Typical Duties

Identifies parameters and runs reports from HRIS payroll or time and attendance modules for use in audits and preparing reports.

Reviews personnel assignments and payroll and retirement data files from computerized and non-computerized sources to verify accuracy and/or identify errors such as underpayments, overpayments, and other variances.

Utilizes computerized payroll and related systems to calculate, code, and simulate payments, taxes, quotas, garnishments, deductions, step advancements, union dues, retirement contributions, service credit and other payroll/retirement data in compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

Determines the causes of errors and discrepancies in data such as salary, hourly rates, regular hours and overtime hours, payments, deductions, quota accruals and balances, and service credit; computes and prepares data for correction; and makes corrections to master records and systems.

Prints paychecks and pay stubs; verifies the accuracy and completeness of outcomes.

Processes special transactions such as workers compensation checks and jury duty check deductions.

Sets up and reconciles voluntary payroll deductions such as 403(b) and 457(b) deductions; prepares reports; identifies exceptions and remits payment to vendors.

Submits monthly retirement reports to CalSTRS, CalPERS, and/or PARS.

Assesses eligibility and enrolls new and continuing employees into the appropriate retirement system based on factors such as assignment, eligible service requirements, and prior membership; monitors workflow notices; and makes adjustments, corrections, or changes to retirement system enrollment and status as required.

Assists college payroll staff with resolving system issues related to time entry, transmittal, and adjustments and with solving individual employee problems by reviewing warrants and computerized payroll and personnel system records, identifying the source of problems, and providing explanations and instruction on appropriate corrective action.

Answers inquires and prepares third party correspondence and reports for federal, state, and other private and agencies such as Social Security Administration, Employment Development Department, Public Employees’ Retirement System CalPERS, State Teachers’ Retirement System CalSTRS, workers’ compensation administrators, and insurance companies.

Assists employees with payroll and retirement questions and issues by: responding to questions; providing applicable applications and forms; compiling information associated with application for retirement, post-retirement earnings, service credit reviews, and other related needs for documentation.

Prepares correspondence to employees regarding overpayments, repayment plans, taxes, union dues, and other payroll/retirement related topics.

Applies applicable provisions of collective bargaining agreements, Laws and Rules of the Personnel Commission, and Rules of the Board of Trustees to the processing of payroll and retirement transactions.

Maintains files and records related to assigned work.

May provide work direction to clerical payroll and other clerical staff assigned to the unit.

May assist in testing configuration of payroll system additions and changes.

May participate in payroll and retirement system workshops sponsored by the Payroll Branch.

Performs related duties as assigned.

Distinguishing Characteristics

A Payroll Systems Technician performs clerical-technical duties related to the processing of payroll and retirement data and records, review of salary payments, deductions, benefits accruals and balances, and related records for compliance with rules and regulations; updating and maintaining payroll data in a computerized payroll system, and resolving discrepancies in salary payments, deductions, benefits accruals and balances, and records.

A Senior Payroll Systems Technician acts in a lead capacity and participates in the work of a small specialized clerical unit engaged in the clerical-technical processing of payroll data and records or performs highly complex clerical payroll duties related to retirement systems.

A Payroll Assistant performs specialized clerical duties related to the processing of time, payroll data, and records for academic, classified, and unclassified employees of a college and providing coordination between the District Payroll Section and employees of a college in the resolution of payroll problems.


Immediate supervision is received from a payroll supervisor or manager. Work direction may be received from a Senior Payroll Systems Technician. May provide work direction to lower-level payroll and clerical staff.

Class Qualifications

Knowledge of:

Processes, procedures and terminology used in technical payroll preparation, processing, and reporting

Processes, procedures, and terminology used in the processing and reporting of retirement system data, forms, and reports

District personnel rules, policies, contract provisions related to payroll and retirement processing and reporting

Basic Federal and State laws, rules, and regulations related to employee salaries, payroll deductions, and income reporting

Operational policies, rules, and regulations of the State Teachers’ Retirement System, Public Employees’ Retirement System, and Public Agency Retirement Services System

Technical-level accounting principles and practices

Business English, punctuation, spelling, and grammatical usage

Customer service techniques for public contact in person, on the telephone, and in written communication

Capabilities of computer systems, software, and hardware used in payroll and retirement processing and operations

Skill in:

Use of computer equipment

Ability to:

Learn and apply information system coding protocols related to payroll/retirement operations

Learn and effectively utilize computer hardware and specialized software applications in the performance of duties

Generate payroll and/or retirement data sets and computer reports related assigned work

Detect discrepancies in data and records

Revise, enter, record, and verify information with speed and accuracy

Make arithmetical computations rapidly and accurately

Understand, apply, and explain payroll/retirement related laws, policies, rules, regulations, and procedures related to assigned work

Work under the pressure of recurrent deadlines

Prepare accurate reports and correspondence

Maintain accurate records and files

Follow written and oral directions

Work effectively and cooperatively with District staff and representatives of outside organizations such as CalSTRS and CalPERS

Entrance Qualifications

Education and Experience:

A. Graduation from high school or its equivalent AND one year of full-time, paid experience in the preparation of payrolls using a computerized payroll system, including computation of salary payments and deductions and resolution of discrepancies.


B. Graduation from high school or its equivalent AND one year of full-time, paid experience with the Los Angeles Community College District in the preparation of time reports or personnel assignments.

Reasonable Accommodations

Our class specification generally describes the duties, responsibilities, and requirements characteristic of the position(s) within this job class. The duties, responsibilities, and requirements of a particular position within this class may vary from the duties of other positions within the class.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Los Angeles Community College District provides reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with covered disabilities on a case-by-case basis throughout the application, examination, and hiring processes and throughout employment. If an individual is in doubt about his or her ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of a position or possession of any other requirement noted in a class specification or job announcement, he or she should always apply for a position and request reasonable accommodation at the appropriate time.


CLASS: 1338; REV: 7/25/2018;