Los Angeles Community College District

Assistant Accounting Systems Analyst (#1311)

$34.88-$43.21 hourly / $6,045.60-$7,489.44 monthly / $72,547.20-$89,873.28 annual


Performs moderately complex assignments related to identifying, defining, analyzing, and resolving transactional and business process issues and developing requirements and specifications for accounting system/module development and modification while receiving on-the-job training in more advance skills in the preparation for promotion to higher-level analyst positions.

Typical Duties

Under the guidance of accounting managers and higher-level business analysts, performs a variety of moderately complex assignments related to:

· Auditing of transactional data, reports, accounting system functionalities

· Consulting with accounting system users to discuss operational problems, needs, and objectives

· Identifying opportunities for improved business processes

· Developing requirements/specifications for new systems/module

· Writing documentation for business processes and modifications

· Participating in discussion with IT systems and programming staff engaged in analyzing, designing, coding, implementing, maintaining, and modifying technology components of accounting information technology systems and applications

· Testing of accounting system modification

· Responding to questions for users related to usage of PeopleSoft, SAP, and legacy DEC systems functionality

Receives on-the-job training from higher-level business analysts in the tools and application of business process analysis and management and feature of PeopleSoft, SAP, and legacy DEC accounting modules.

May be assigned to project teams doing business process analysis in all functional areas under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer.

May perform professional-level work in the absence of assigned personnel and during peak workload periods.

Performs related duties as assigned.

Distinguishing Characteristics

An Assistant Accounting Systems Analyst applies a thorough knowledge of accounting principles and practices and basic understanding of PeopleSoft, SAP, and legacy DEC accounting systems to moderately complex assignments in business process analysis and system maintenance and development. Assignments are selected to enhance the employee’s skills and professional development in the preparation for promotion to higher-level analyst positions.

An Accounting Systems Analyst through continuous audit and user consultation identifies and defines transactional, business process, and accounting system issues; analyzes and translates departmental requirements into specifications based on an understanding of PeopleSoft, SAP, and legacy DEC accounting systems; performs testing, and maintenance tasks; and serves as a technical resource to accounting and business office staff at both the District Office and colleges.


Immediate supervision is received from a manager or higher-level analyst. Functional supervision may be received from accounting department managers. Work direction may be provided to lower-level professional, technical, and clerical accounting staff both at the colleges and central accounting department.

Class Qualifications

Knowledge of:

Business principles, practices, systems, and procedures of accounting including as general accounting, accounts receivable/payable, specially funded, student accounts, enterprise accounting

Basic tools and approaches used in business process analysis and management

Goals and objectives of the District and Division of Finance as they relate to accounting operations

Federal, State, and local laws, ordinances, codes, and regulations related to accounting and financial systems and reporting of the District, including GAAP

Board Rules as they related to accounting transactions of the District

Characteristics and capabilities of state-of-the art technology related to accounting and financial management administration such as PeopleSoft, SAP, and legacy DEC accounting systems/modules

Capabilities of computer applications, systems, and hardware used in accounting operations

Principles and methods of system developing operational process specifications and documentation

Principles of work simplification and modification

Basic principles of training and coaching

Ability to:

Assemble and analyze facts, and draw sound conclusions related to accounting/finance system problems

Write elements of the technical specifications for the development and improvement of business processes and related technology systems

Document operational processes, functions, and procedures involving PeopleSoft, SAP, and legacy DEC accounting modules

Perform routine testing tasks related to PeopleSoft and SAP accounting systems modules

Effectively utilize computer equipment and software in the performance of duties

Express concepts clearly and concisely both orally and in writing

Interpret and apply applicable rules, laws, and procedures to accounting and financial management operations

Write clear and comprehensive reports, documents, instructions, and training materials

Provide work direction to others in specialized accounting processes and the use of related technology systems

Work effectively and independently on assigned projects

Meet work deadlines

Work effectively and cooperatively with administrators, functional and technical team members, and users

Learn PeopleSoft, SAP, and legacy DEC accounting modules

Entrance Qualifications

Education and Experience:

A. A bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university, preferably with a major in accounting, finance, business administration, public administration, or a related field AND one year of recent, full-time, paid, professional-level experience in an accounting position which included participation in business process analysis, design, or modification in an ERP environment such as SAP and PeopleSoft.


B. A master’s degree from a recognized college or university with a major in accounting, business process management, or a related field.


A valid Class "C" California driver's license may be required for some positions.

Travel to locations throughout the District may be required for some positions.

Reasonable Accommodations

Our class specification generally describes the duties, responsibilities, and requirements characteristic of the position(s) within this job class. The duties, responsibilities, and requirements of a particular position within this class may vary from the duties of other positions within the class.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Los Angeles Community College District provides reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with covered disabilities on a case-by-case basis throughout the application, examination, and hiring processes and throughout employment. If an individual is in doubt about his or her ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of a position or possession of any other requirement noted in a class specification or job announcement, he or she should always apply for a position and request reasonable accommodation at the appropriate time.


CLASS: 1311; EST: 12/20/2016; REV: 10/24/2018;