Los Angeles Community College District

Web Architect (#1134)

$45.01-$55.76 hourly / $7,802.00-$9,665.32 monthly / $93,624.00-$115,983.84 annual


Designs, develops, and maintains the technical architecture of web-based applications.

Typical Duties

Defines system application architecture and articulates the architecture and technical vision to Web authors to determine requirements for Web pages and related applications.

Compiles client specifications and devises the technical infrastructure to support Web-based applications.

Consults with administrators, department heads, and web design staff to determine feasibility of applying Web technology to user departmental procedures and identifies problems and establishes system requirements, parameters, and objectives.

Serves as a technical resource to administrators and department heads in the development of a Web presence strategy in keeping with institutional priorities, objectives and plans.

Defines the architecture and develops the detailed technical design for incorporating legacy and other applications into the web portal.

Designs and performs the application programming in the development of server pages for database and business process applications.

Optimizes established Web architecture for navigability.

Maintain awareness of District and college policies and management initiatives and identifies opportunities to use Web architecture technologies to further those initiatives.

Consults with systems engineers to design and implement hardware and software upgrades for Web-based applications on multiple Web server platforms.

Analyses and troubleshoots complex hardware and software operations problems related to Web operations.

Oversees the testing and maintenance of Web links.

Coordinates systems implementation activities for user departments, other units, and computer operations personnel.

Reviews existing systems and programs, analyzes them to determine the source of any difficulties, and modifies procedures and systems as necessary.

Working with operations staff, tests backup and restoration processes for Web servers.

Develops Web architecture standards and procedures.

Develops and conducts training classes on the use of Web applications for employees and user departments.

Prepares reports detailing technical feasibility and cost of implementing Web applications or alternatives.

Evaluates hardware and software technologies related to Web applications and makes recommendations concerning the selection of appropriate tools and products that will facilitate the implementation of the architecture.

May provide guidance to and review the work of assigned technical staff.

May prepare and make presentations on Web and Portal projects for various groups and committees.

Provides leadership on IT projects impacting a location's Web architecture.

Performs related duties as assigned.

Distinguishing Characteristics

A Web Architect designs, develops, and maintains the technical architecture of Web-based applications.

A Web Designer designs, develops, maintains, and modifies a college’s or the District Office’s Web site and portal and supporting Web pages. The use of creativity and demonstrated graphic design skills are critical elements of this classification.


General supervision is received from a classified administrator or supervisor. Work direction may be exercised over assigned technical staff.

Class Qualifications

Knowledge of:

Web-based computer systems analysis, design and programming

Internet-enabled and client/server technology, including development tools

Architecture and infrastructure requirements needed to support Web-based applications

Web publishing and Web presentation programs

Design and programming of server pages

Database development techniques with respect to database-driven Web applications, particularly using ASP/ADO, JSP, VBScript, and Jscript

Script languages such as Vbscript, Javascript, Jscript, and PERL

Principles of .net technology and framework

Application of a wide variety of Web development tools such as Dreamweaver, Fireworks, FrontPage and FLASH

Enterprise Resource Planning systems Enterprise Portal capabilities, including Knowledge Management, iViews, Pages and Roles

Network design concepts

Principles of computer network operations in a multi-server environment including three-tier architecture

Web site administration

Server administration

Project management principles and tools such as Microsoft Project

New trends and developments in the area of Web architecture

Principles of training

Ability to:

Design, develop, and maintain the technical architecture of Web-based applications

Coordinate system design with user needs, data, regulations and related factors

Consult with administrators and staff to define, design, and implement an effective Web architecture

Synthesize facts and concepts which affect systems and procedures

Identify current and impending technical Internet problems

Diagnose complex Web site linkage, access and related operational problems and takes corrective action

Develop and conduct training classes on the use of Web applications

Work closely with users to develop the functional requirements for dynamic, database-driven Web applications and collaborate with developers to build them

Provide leadership and technical assistance to others

Acquire and apply knowledge of new Web technologies and methods to solving operational problems

Work under the pressure of deadlines in a fast-paced environment

Independently plan and organize work projects

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with administrators, faculty, and students

Communicate difficult technical concepts in clear and understandable terms

Write comprehensive and clear technical procedures, documentation, reports and communications related to systems operation and configuration.

Entrance Qualifications

Education and Experience:

A. Graduation from a recognized four-year college or university preferably with a major in computer science, information technology, or a related field AND two years of recent, full-time, paid experience in Web systems design and development.


B. Graduation from high school or its equivalent AND twenty-four semester units from a recognized college or university in computer science, information technology, or a related field AND four years of recent, full-time, paid experience in Web systems design and development.

Reasonable Accommodations

Our class specification generally describes the duties, responsibilities, and requirements characteristic of the position(s) within this job class. The duties, responsibilities, and requirements of a particular position within this class may vary from the duties of other positions within the class.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Los Angeles Community College District provides reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with covered disabilities on a case-by-case basis throughout the application, examination, and hiring processes and throughout employment. If an individual is in doubt about his or her ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of a position or possession of any other requirement noted in a class specification or job announcement, he or she should always apply for a position and request reasonable accommodation at the appropriate time.


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