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Supplemental Questionnaire

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Supplemental Questionnaire




INSTRUCTIONS: Completion of this supplemental questionnaire is required. Please read each question carefully and provide clear and complete responses that accurately portray your education and relevant work experience. Your qualifications for employment will be evaluated based upon the information you provide in your responses below and then verified by our staff who will review your entire application for completeness and determine qualification status.


The employers and dates of employment that you list on this supplemental questionnaire MUST match the employers and dates of employment provided in the work experience section of your employment application. Failure to provide matching employer, and dates of employment may result in your application being "not qualified" for this recruitment.




*Job bulletins and recruitments are based on the specific duties and responsibilities that are required for the individual vacancy that is being advertised. Similarly titled positions in various departments may have a completely different set of requirements and skills associated with them.


*Submitted employment applications will be closely evaluated and screened. Applications should be up to date and clearly display a detailed account of job history and of prior jobs/positions held. Close attention will be paid to consistency, misspellings, grammatical errors and presentation. Supplemental questions found on applications should be answered in as much detail as possible. If a required question calls for an answer dealing directly with specific years of experience and/or job knowledge, the answer provided to that question should match the information listed within the job history portion of the application.  Abbreviated one sentence answers and comments such as, “see resume” will be viewed as a lack of effort and an indication that a limited amount of time and effort was placed into the completion of the application.


*It’s best to not expect those who are screening your application to already be familiar with your complete job history and the unique skill set you possess. The application that is submitted for an employment opportunity should serve as a thorough and complete overview of the job(s) you’ve held and all the unique skills and accomplishments you’ve achieved throughout your work history. The submitted application is essentially the first test that is administered and evaluated when being considered for a job opportunity.


*The decision to add an applicant to a final referral list is based on how closely an applicant’s skill set and experience matches those that the specific job calls for. Consideration is given to how closely an applicant matches the established criteria that a hiring manager has determined within the employment posting and the manner in which a submitted application is completed. Being added to a referral list is not an indication of instant qualification nor does it ensure or guarantee that an interview for a position is to be granted. The final decision regarding which qualified applicants are to be considered and interviewed for any given position lies with the hiring manager and/or management staff of the department in which the vacancy resides.

 *If you’ve held different titles and/or roles throughout your tenure with any given employer, it is imperative that you separate those jobs/titles/roles within the “work experience” portion of your application. The “work experience” section of your application should reflect separate entries for each one of the jobs/titles/roles you’ve held with that employer. The same method should be observed for those applicants who have served in a military branch of service. The roles/titles/jobs you’ve held while serving in the military should be separated into individual entries as well. Please also be sure when completing the “work experience” portion of your application that close attention is paid to the “To” and “From” date range for all positions you’ve held prior to your current one. Positions held in the past should not be listed as “to present” if they are not indeed the current position you hold at this time.   


(NOTE: "See Resume" is not an acceptable response to any of the open-ended questions on this questionnaire and may result in your application being "not qualified" for this recruitment.)


The salary for this position is as follows: $19.14 hourly/$39,811 annually. The selected candidate for this vacancy will receive the greater of these two options: this rate of pay or, if a current employee of the Clerk's Office, an increase of 5% above their normal pay. Are you still interested in being considered for this vacancy?  

Yes No

As stated within the minimum qualifications portions of this job advertisement, applicants must possess the following in order to be considered for this position:

A High School Diploma (or equivalent) and two to five (2-5) years of experience in accounting, bookkeeping or financial record keeping in a central accounting office with a direct impact on the general ledger or sub-ledgers.


An equivalent combination of education, training and experience that would reasonably be expected to provide the job-specific competencies noted below.

Do you possess either of these variations?

Yes No

If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, please use the space provided below to detail your answer. If you answered "No" to the previous question, please indicate that below.


Select one of the following to best describe your level of proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite products Excel and Word:


In the space provided below, please indicate the number of years' experience you possess preparing bank reconciliations. Be sure to detail the level or depth of your experience. If you do not possess this type of experience, please indicate that.


In the space provided below, describe your experience with Oracle or any other similar ERP system. List the number of years you have using this type of system. If you do not have this experience, write "none" in the space below.


Only current, tenured Clerk of the Circuit Court employees are eligible for this opportunity. Are you a current, tenured (i.e. not currently serving an initial probationary period) Clerk of the Circuit Court employee?

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