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Supplemental Questionnaire

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Supplemental Questionnaire

INSTRUCTIONS: Completion of this supplemental questionnaire is REQUIRED. Please read each question carefully and provide clear and complete responses that accurately portray your education and relevant work experience. Your qualifications for employment will be evaluated based upon the information you provide in your responses below and then verified by our staff who will review your entire application for completeness and determine qualification status.

The employers and dates of employment that you list on this supplemental questionnaire MUST match the employers and dates of employment provided in the work experience section of your employment application. Failure to provide matching employer, and dates of employment may result in your application being "not qualified" for this recruitment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: "See Resume" is not an acceptable response to any of the open-ended questions on this questionnaire and will result in your application being "not qualified" for this recruitment.


Select your highest level of education relevant to this position.

Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering
Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering
Associate's Degree in Electrical Engineering
Graduation from high school or possession of a GED Certificate AND completion of a vocational or technical program in an engineering related field
None of the above (If this answer is selected please see the next question)

How many years of experience as an electrician maintaining electric power-controlling equipment and/or distribution lines of at least 600V do you have?

0-1 Years
2-3 Years
4-5 Years
6-7 Years
8+ Years

How many years of supervisory experience do you have?

No Experience
1-2 Years
3+ Years

Do you have an Electrical Journeyman Certificate of Competency/License issued from any jurisdiction throughout the State of Florida, OR Completion of a Commercial/Industrial Electrician certification or training program recognized by the Florida Department of Education/Department of Labor and Employment Security;


Four years of field experience including one year of experience leading/directing small groups, overseeing special projects, and troubleshooting;


Possession of, or ability to obtain and maintain any licensing requirements or certifications that may be required by the state of Florida or department, including those necessary to work on or around equipment of at least 600V as needed; and 
Possession of a valid Driver License. 

Yes No

State Issued (Required for Yes answers):


Expiration Date (Required for Yes answers):


Do you possess a valid driver’s license (CDL)?

Please check the box below and provide license information:


This position requires a broad range of preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, and new equipment installations.

Based on this requirement, do you have working experience in BOTH of the following areas?

A. Ability to troubleshoot and diagnose industrial electrical/equipment problems to determine the proper remedial action to be taken during preventative and corrective repairs.

B. Working knowledge concerning the principals of electricity, current National Electrical Codes and Regulations (NEC), and standard safety practices.

Please check the box below based on your working experience:

Yes, I have working experience in both A and B
No, I do not have working experience any of these areas

Comments (Required for Yes answers):  If you answered yes above, please provide a brief description of your working experience for A & B above (i.e. describe where you gained this experience, your role at the time, months or years of experience in this area).


Do you consider yourself to be a self-starter, one who motivates themselves, sets realistic deadlines and sticks to them in order to achieve a desired goal?

Yes No

Comments (Required for Yes answers):  If you answered yes above, please share an experience in which you successfully taught am intermediate principle or concept and how you were able to be successful.


Have you suggested an idea to supervision concerning process, people, or system changes that have resulted in increased efficiency and/or improved the effectiveness of operations?

Yes No

Comments (Required for Yes answers):  If you answered yes above, please provide the details of a change you implemented in utility operations, what triggered the change, highlight the specific actions you took, and the results of those actions.


Do you have working experience in of the following areas? 

  • Inputs and gathers data from Supervisory Control Data Acquisition system (SCADA)
  • Review system designs, specifications, and products for construction projects
  • Operate heavy/specialized equipment
  • Running Work Asset Management System reports
  • Collection/documentation of field findings and/or repairs
  • Determine job site requirements
Yes, I have experience in all of these areas
Yes, I have experience in some of these areas
No, I do not have experience in any of these areas

Comments (Required for Yes answers): Please describe your experience for each applicable area above.



By checking the box above, I certify that all of my responses are true and complete, and any misstatement of material facts OR failure to completely answer questions or provide my employer with a copy of any licenses, certifications, or other documents listed on the job announcement will subject me to disqualification from the application process and/or dismissal from employment.

I also authorize investigation of all statements contained in my application, to include a formal background check that may require education and employment verification; criminal history; and motor vehicle driving report as may be necessary in arriving at an employment decision. Further, I acknowledge understanding that an offer of employment will be subject to successfully passing a drug screen and physical.

I also understand that once I submit my application for this recruitment, I cannot edit it later.