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Senior Paratransit Minibus Oper (#SRPMOPGENG) GENG
$11.90-$18.88 Hourly / $2,062.67-$3,272.53 Monthly / $24,752.00-$39,270.40 Yearly


Performs team leader duties to assist in monitoring and coordinating daily field operations, including the operation of specially equipped minibuses and vans to provide transportation services for disadvantaged and special needs customers.


Graduation from high school or possession of a GED Certificate; and   

One year of work experience operating a mini-bus or van transporting passengers in a paratransit environment that includes some practical experience scheduling, dispatching, or performing team leader duties.   

Or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience that would reasonably be expected to provide the job-related competencies noted below; and  

Possession of a valid Driver license.


  • Customer Commitment - Proactively seeks to understand the needs of our customers and provide the highest standards of service.
  • Dedication to Professionalism and Integrity - Demonstrates and promotes fair, honest, professional and ethical behaviors that establishes trust throughout the organization and with the public we serve.
  • Organizational Excellence - Takes ownership for excellence through one's personal effectiveness and dedication to the continuous improvement of our operations.
  • Success through Teamwork - Collaborates and builds partnerships through trust and the open exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives to achieve organizational goals.


  • Working knowledge of the functions, objectives, policies, and operational procedures of the special needs transportation program.       
  • Working knowledge of safety requirements related to the transportation of special needs passengers.        
  • Working knowledge of Hillsborough County roads, streets and traffic patterns.        
  • Some knowledge of the nature of physical disabilities and associated mobility restrictions, including special needs transportation requirements.        
  • Some knowledge of the mechanical functions and maintenance requirements of vehicles used to transport customers with special needs.        
  • Ability to use computer aided dispatch and other communication systems.        
  • Ability to maintain work related information and prepare reports.        
  • Ability to safely operate and perform preventive maintenance on minibuses, vans, or similar vehicles.        
  • Ability to safely maneuver a wheelchair, operate a wheelchair lift, and to secure wheelchair tie downs.      
  • Ability and willingness to perform physically demanding work outdoors in a sub-tropical climate under adverse weather conditions.        
  • Ability and willingness to work flexible hours that may vary based on operational needs which may include evenings, weekends, nights, and holidays.        
  • Ability to work from different locations as needed throughout the County.        
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.         
  • Ability to work effectively with others in a diverse population.        
  • Ability to operate a computer and related software.       
  • Ability to safely and properly operate a mini-bus or van.      
  • Ability to train others.


Note: The following duties are illustrative and not exhaustive. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position. Depending on assigned area of responsibility, incumbents in the position may perform some or all of the activities described below.   ·        

  • Monitors field operations and assists Supervisors, Schedulers, and Dispatchers in modifying routes and schedules.       
  • Coordinates with Paratransit Minibus Operators, Supervisors, customers, and local agencies to ensure customers and agencies are receiving requested services.
  • Performs duties as a Paratransit Minibus Operator, Scheduler, and Dispatcher as required.
  • Provides assistance and support to Paratransit Minibus Operators in dealing with vehicle, trip, and customer issues.        
  • Monitors the daily work of Paratransit Minibus Operators to provide input to assist supervisors in completing Minibus Operator performance evaluations.        
  • Responds to service related accidents and incidents, interviews drivers and passengers, and compiles information to assist Supervisors in completing accident reports during internal investigations.        
  • Researches, compiles, and evaluates information to respond to complaints involving Paratransit Minibus Operators or Customers, and recommends corrective action to resolve problems.       
  • Operates communications equipment and maintains communication with Operations staff and Paratransit Minibus Operators to ensure efficient daily field operations.      
  • Builds routes, assign drivers and vehicles, and make adjustments to routes using a computer aided dispatch system as required.         
  • Gathers information from Paratransit Minibus Operators, customers, and local agencies regarding passenger information and transportation requirements, route and schedule information, pick-up and drop off times and locations, vehicle mileage and maintenance issues, and driver performance to improve the delivery of transportation services.  
  • Coordinates and performs daily vehicle safety inspections and minor preventive maintenance to detect and report vehicle safety issues and mechanical malfunctions.
  • Assists in developing and coordinating automotive maintenance schedules and drives vehicles to Fleet for maintenance and repairs as needed to maximize vehicle availability. 
  • Inspects vehicles and parking areas, and takes immediate corrective action when needed to ensure compliance with established safety standards and operational procedures.   
  • Participates in conducting training and testing programs, first aid and safety courses, and other seminars to maintain proficiency.     
  • Assists in conducting pre-service, in-service, and remedial training.       
  • Provides first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as needed.       
  • Responds to Emergency Operations Center requests to evacuate special needs citizens in the event of an emergency.         
  • Performs other related duties as required.  


Successful completion of a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) prescribed physical examination prior to hire;

Documentation of an acceptable driving record and successful completion of background checks prior to hire; 

Possession of a valid CPR and First-Aid Certification; successful completion of all required driver training;

Conformance to Departmental standards within the probationary period.


Employees in this class perform team leader work of average difficulty requiring reasonable initiative and independent judgment under general supervision.

CLASS: SRPMOPGENG; EST: ; REV: 12/27/2015;