Delaware State Police

Casual Seasonal Civilian Auto Theft Technician (#L82668)

- hourly / - monthly / - annual

Pay Grade

pg 11, $19.39/hour 

Nature and Scope

This position requires the initial investigations regarding vehicle thefts within the state.  Follow-up investigations are performed to assist divisional personnel with identifying stolen vehicles and determining the validity of vehicle identification numbers and also assisting the State Division of Motor Vehicles.

Principal Accountabilities

Auto Theft Investigation

Assisting Division of Motor Vehicles

Court Appearances  

Lien holder sales inspections  

Odometer investigation, serial number assignments, Examining vehicles

Academy instruction  

Assisting other police agencies

Identification of motor vehicles    

Auto dealer inspections  

Inspects lien holder sales to verify vehicles by serial number; assists the Division of Motor Vehicles with lane inspections to check proper titling; inspects new and used auto dealerships to ensure compliance with state law; inspects odometers for possible tampering; assigns serial numbers to vehicles; examines reconstructed vehicles; identifies auto theft violators; testifies in court; assists other police agencies on matters of auto theft; instructs classes on auto theft and makes presentations to civic groups regarding how to prevent auto thefts.  Conducts inspections at salvage and recycling yards.  

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of lien holders law and procedures of sales.  Knowledge of locations of serial numbers (public and confidential).  Knowledge of Division of Motor Vehicles procedures regarding titling and registration of vehicles.  Knowledge of the techniques used by manufacturers to stamp serial numbers into vehicles.  Knowledge of Title 21 of Delaware Code.  Knowledge of Title 11 of Delaware Criminal Code.  Knowledge of search and seizure laws.  Knowledge of departmental rules and regulations.  Ability to communicate in writing and verbally.  Ability to disassemble a vehicle to locate hidden serial numbers.  Ability to operate and maintain power tools.  Must be mechanically inclined.  Ability to identify a fraudulent title.  Ability to function in inclement weather.  Ability to use good common sense.  Ability to formulate and carry out a plan of execution.  Ability to operate a computer.  Skill in the use of a typewriter.  Skill in the use of a metal die stamp.  Must be computer literate and able to use Windows, Word and Excel.  Ability to write police reports.  DELJIS, NLITS, and NCIC certified.   Must also be able to perform the following:  Driving an assigned vehicle for extended periods.  Ability to get in and out of vehicles.  Crawl underneath vehicles.  Ability to climb obstacles and traverse through rough terrain.  Ability to work under stressful and hazardous conditions, in inclement weather and for prolonged periods of times.  Ability to communicate effectively with people of various socioeconomic backgrounds. Acutely utilize sensory systems to discern various stimuli of danger and to maximize operational effectiveness.   Must possess a valid driver’s license.   

Conditions of Employment

Direct deposit of paychecks is required as a condition of employment.  Applicants must be legally authorized to work in the United States.  A satisfactory criminal background check is required as a condition of employment.  Union Covered Positions - A labor organization has been elected by employees as their representative for collective bargaining and other work related purposes.  The person selected for this position shall as a condition of employment, join and pay dues to the labor organization or may, instead not join but pay a service fee no greater than the dues.   The labor organization is required to represent all employees, even those who do not join.  

CLASS: L82668; EST: 3/8/2018 3:24:00 PM; REV: 3/8/2018 3:24:00 PM;