Delaware State Police

Victim Services Specialized Caseload Coordinator (#L21413)

- hourly / - monthly / - annual

Pay Grade

PG 15

Nature and Scope

This position will be responsible for short-term and long-term crisis intervention of more specialized area of victimization to include Human Trafficking, High Risk Domestic Violence, overdose deaths, intoxicated drivers, survivors of homicide victims, hate and/or bias crimes. This position will specifically review all specified cases and ensure appropriate response either directly or through other victim services staff.

Principal Accountabilities

1. Reviews reports involving identified specialized/underserved cases to include Human Trafficking, High Risk Domestic Violence, overdose deaths, intoxicated drivers, survivors or homicide victims, hate and/or bias crimes.

2. Provides initial contact including crisis intervention, information and referral either directly or through other victim service staff (based upon on call status, jurisdiction, etc.)

3. Provides initial contact to include crisis intervention, information and referral to victims of other crimes not specified as underserved (domestic violence, sexual assault, exploitation etc.)

4. Provides victims assistance by accompanying persons to courts and hospitals

5. Writes reports to summarize cases and maintains a database to track victim contact by victimization, type of contact and servicers provided.

6. Respond to calls on the 24 hour hotline. Respond to crime scenes or accidents with Victim Services Officers to provide immediate assistance to victims and/or families.

7. Educate and provide outreach to community groups. Maintain contact with all law enforcement agencies and other stakeholders.

8. Participate on specialized multi-disciplinary teams specific to the underserved crime areas listed above. Participate in special crime blitz operations to provide immediate service to victims as scheduled by law enforcement.

9. Performs related work as required.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of crisis intervention and casework management methods and techniques. knowledge of human behavior. Knowledge of trauma informed practices. Knowledge of proper telephone techniques. Knowledge of computer functions with Word and Access software. Knowledge of Delaware State Police procedures for dealing with victims/survivors or violent crimes. Knowledge of services available through governmental agencies and community based organizations. Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with people in highly stressful or traumatized conditions. Skill in conducting interviews, often of a sensitive nature. Highly organized and excellent time management skills. Ability to be on-call 24 hours a day.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in psychology, or related field, and five years of experience in crisis intervention. Experience in supervision. Experience in serving as a liaison between internal and outside agencies. Ability to travel throughout the state.

CLASS: L21413; EST: 1/28/2020 1:26:00 PM; REV: 1/28/2020 1:26:00 PM;