Delaware State Police

Automated Fingerprint Identification Section Administrator (#AFIS)

- hourly / - monthly / - annual

Pay Grade

PG 13 $39,093

Nature and Scope

This is fingerprint identification and latent print work at the supervisory level.  This person manages the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and reports to the Assistant Director of the State Bureau of Identification.  The ability to testify in court as an expert witness is a criteria for this position.

Principal Accountabilities

1. Assigns, reviews and evaluates the work of lower level fingerprint technicians and experts.  

2. Manages AFIS and compiles statistical reports of its computer operations.  

3. Develops and lifts latent impressions from physical evidence using powders or chemicals, lasers, tape or camera.     Examines crime scene evidence for detection of latent fingerprints and performs manual comparison of latent prints to known prints of suspects.  

4. Testifies as expert witness in Delaware or Federal courts, as to the findings of latent fingerprint evidence examinations.  

5. Enters first time arrest cards into AFIS workstation for examination and retention into Delaware database.  

6. Verifies AFIS examination of first time arrest cards after search through Delaware database.  

7. Manual comparison of second or more arrest fingerprints to verify positive identification.  

8. Compose correspondence to police agencies regarding fingerprint or latent matches.  

9. Enters latent fingerprint evidence into AFIS workstation for computer generated suspect candidate list.  

10. Instructs police officers in proper methods of fingerprinting, latent fingerprint development procedures and AFIS operations.  

11. Trains new employees in the identification operations and procedures. Ensures current employees receive additional trainings or certifications as needed.  

12. Fingerprints persons for criminal history checks as needed.  

13. Verifies facial recognition leads.  

14. Records and reports on facial recognition investigative leads and video analytics.  

15. Manages all licenses for Morpho Face Detective, Morpho Video Investigate and Morpho Face Expert.  

16. Audits Face, Palm and Fingerprint databases.  

17. Supervise subordinate personnel which includes, reviewing and monitoring their daily duties performed, monitoring monthly leave balances, career development, etc.  

18. Maintain all skills, requirements, certifications needed to perform duties.  

19. Maintain secure evidence files.  

20. Performs additional duties as required and assigned.  

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of computer language for maintenance and troubleshooting of system problems. 
  • Knowledge of courtroom procedures and techniques.         
  • Knowledge of proper AFIS operations and procedures.        
  • Skill in the legal and other regulatory provisions governing the sensitive and confidential nature of the work.         
  • Skill in visual acuity for fingerprints, latents, facial recognition.         
  • Skill in office management techniques.        
  • Skill in the fingerprint classification systems and related filing systems and name search procedures.        
  • Skill in comparison and classification techniques.         
  • Skill in instructing others in fingerprints and classification techniques.        
  • Ability to assign, review and evaluate the work of others.        
  • Ability to effectively supervise subordinate personnel.        
  • Ability to perform latent print evaluations.         
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.        
  • Ability to present testimony in a court of law.         
  • Ability to evaluate and correct problems that may occur during computer operations.        
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.  

Minimum Qualifications

High school graduate with a minimum of two years as a Latent Print Examiner including completion of the following courses:  Fingerprint Classification Course, Advanced Latent Fingerprint Techniques, Administrative Advanced Latent Fingerprint Course. Must have the ability to testify as an expert witness in court to the finding of latent fingerprint evidence examinations, and in the identification of fingerprints.

CLASS: AFIS; EST: 10/25/2017 2:05:00 PM; REV: 10/25/2017 2:05:00 PM;