Lottery Security/Operations Specialist I (#MABQ01)
$37,265.00 Yearly Min / $46,581.00 Yearly Mid / $55,897.00 Yearly Max

Lottery Security/Operations Specialist II (#MABQ02)
$39,654.00 Yearly Min / $49,567.00 Yearly Mid / $59,480.00 Yearly Max

Lottery Security/Operations Supervisor (#MABQ03)
$44,900.00 Yearly Min / $56,125.00 Yearly Mid / $67,350.00 Yearly Max

Lottery Security/Operations Administrator (#MABQ04)
$57,568.00 Yearly Min / $71,960.00 Yearly Mid / $86,352.00 Yearly Max

Description of Occupational Work

This class series uses four levels in the Administrative Services occupational group, Fiscal Services occupational series and describes security and operational activities for the Delaware State Lottery Office. Incumbents in this class series provide a critical service to the public by performing technical testing of new or modified lottery programs, ensuring compliance with security and operational policies and procedures when conducting lottery drawings, and preserving the integrity of the overall instant ticket game life cycle. 

Note: The career ladder incorporates Lottery Security/Operations Specialist levels I and II; therefore, all positions allocated to the career ladder are classified at the II level. The Lottery Security/Operations I level is to provide entry for hiring new employees into the class series but does not preclude hiring new employees at higher levels. To implement the career ladder, current employees are assigned to the level for which they meet job requirements and promotional standards. Employees may be promoted through the career ladder in accordance with promotional standards developed by the agency. The promotional standards, a selection document under separate cover, set forth the criteria that identify, measure, and verify successful performance at each level. 

The Lottery Security/Operations Supervisor and Lottery Security/Operations Administrator, although not part of the career ladder, provide competitive opportunity for movement of employees.

Essential Functions

Essential functions are fundamental, core functions common to all positions in the class series and are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all job duties for any one position in the class.  Since class specifications are descriptive and not restrictive, incumbents can complete job duties of similar kind not specifically listed here.

  • Assists in overseeing the internal control functions for the regional lottery drawings to ensure accuracy of sales and winner data prior to transmission to headquarters.
  • Transmits data to central headquarters and operates computer system to cutoff Lottery sales prior to drawings, inputs winning numbers, places game into an official status, and inputs pay amounts for jackpot games via the computer system. 
  • Ensures system and facility security for Lottery drawings; ensures drawing personnel perform functions as required.
  • Conducts pre-drawing and random security checks. Determines, during the drawing, if the integrity of the drawing has been compromised and declares a misdraw. Identifies and corrects problems and holds another drawing based on pre-defined policies and procedures.
  • Prepares or assists in the preparation of reports related to sales, winners and drawing operations. Provides feedback in the development of policies and procedures.
  • Assists in tracking sales results and jackpot amounts to be used for proper control procedures and/or for use by others for sales analysis or revenue projections. 
  • Participates in Unit Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the Internal Control System (ICS). Reviews and analyzes data output to verify accuracy against vendor reports. Identifies discrepancies, logs and provides written detail of analysis for supervisor review.
  • Prepares statistical reports for monitoring Player Information Line activity.
  • Attends various training and seminars to increase level of competence and keep abreast of changes in the gaming industry.

Levels of Work

Lottery Security/Operations Specialist I

This is the entry level of Lottery Security/Operations Specialist work.
  • Reports to a technical or administrative supervisor.
  • Receives close supervision.
  • Performs the draw analysis of critical data on Multi-State Lottery (MUSL) game draw nights to ensure balancing accuracy.
  • Assists with 2nd chance draw activities as a member of the security operations team.
  • Reviews daily processed claims to ensure validated tickets coincide with an actual claim and that information concerning the claimant was entered correctly in the system.
  • Performs administrative functions related to the instant ticket game life cycle, such as updating Instant Ticket Game boards, showing critical dates, maintaining game files, accepting delivery, game setup in the system, and closed game returns.
  • Performs administrative functions as needed to assist the security operations team.
  • Assists higher level Lottery Security/Operations Specialists in conducting terminal and Sports acceptance testing.
  • Performs internal control system (ICS) acceptance testing.
Lottery Security/Operations Specialist II

This is the full performance level of Lottery Security/Operations Specialist work.
  • Receives minimal supervisory direction and assistance in performing the full range of Essential Functions. 
  • Troubleshoots Multi-State Lottery (MUSL) game out-of-balance situations, to include working with gaming vendors and running various security measures to ensure data has not been compromised.
  • Conducts 2nd chance draws.
  • Performs and oversees acceptance testing in the terminal lab, to include planning, assigning, and overseeing the work of contractual testers.
  • Performs examination of all financial data related to acceptance testing in the terminal lab to ensure accuracy.
  • Troubleshoots terminal issues in the testing environment, reports findings, and provides recommendations for resolution.
  • Prepares statistical analysis of data and makes recommendations. 
  • Monitors critical timelines related to the instant ticket game life cycle.
  • Reviews ticket stock returns from closed retailer locations.
  • Assists higher level security operation personnel in conducting Sports acceptance testing.
Lottery Security/Operations Supervisor

This is the supervisory level of Lottery Security/Operations Specialist work.
  • Supervision is exercised over at least two or more merit full time positions per the Merit Rules. The elements of supervision include planning, assigning, reviewing, evaluating, coaching, training, recommending hire/fire and discipline.
  • Responsible for overseeing Lottery Draw and Instant ticket game life cycle operations.
  • Administers draw operation training.
  • Develops and monitors the work schedule for all lottery draws.
  • Assists the Lottery Security/Operations Administrator in the development and monitoring of acceptance testing plans for gaming systems.
  • Conducts instant ticket game/pack status and ticket stock analysis, reports findings, and provides recommendations.
  • Performs installation of new instant ticket games in gaming system. 
  • Assists the Lottery Security/Operations Administrator in the development and exercising of the Delaware State Lottery’s disaster recovery plan.
  • Troubleshoots game ticket security and operations issues.
  • Serves as coordinator for records retention compliance within the Lottery Security & Operations unit.
Lottery Security/Operations Administrator

This is the administrative level of Lottery Security/Operations work directing the operations and security of the State Lottery. The class incumbent reports to an administrative superior and is responsible for technical testing of new/modified lottery programs, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, and the daily administration of the lottery.
  • Reports to an administrative supervisor.
  • Administers the operations of the lottery through ticket distribution, scheduling of new games, and daily accounting of ticket sales and cashed tickets.
  • Serves as system administrator for a variety of applications including: Game Management System (GMS), Internal Control Systems (ICS), AEGIS System (for online games), EXACQ Vision Security System (operates security cameras), Randomizer (Delaware lottery drawings), and PROWATCH (Security Badging system).
  • Investigates complaints from agents and the public, participates in the investigation of security incidents, and coordinates with the Delaware State Police on criminal investigations.
  • Designs and manages technical testing, including regression testing, in order to ensure the correct outcome from changes to existing games and implementation of new games. Oversees and manages the rollout and analysis of technical test plan.
  • Manages and monitors the work of individuals assigned to program and test online system, various types of terminals and instant system, randomizer, internal control system and player information line. Manages the third-party vendor staff involved in this process. Coordinates the efforts of 3rd party vendor responsible for various software design, system releases and patches to online ticket products and Internal Control System tests.
  • Directs the operations of the lottery office, including computer operations, reception and customer service, physical security, fleet management, purchasing, inventory control.
  • Administers all peripheral technology associated with game development.
  • Negotiates with contractors and vendors for new instant games, systems, suppliers and ticket manufacturers.
  • Serves as the Division’s Information Security Officer and the lead for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning as well as managing the offsite back up site.
  • Identifies the source of errors, troubleshoots the error, and communicates with third-party vendors to resolve the error.
  • Provides training to staff in information security and disaster recovery planning.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The intent of the listed knowledge, skills and abilities is to give a general indication of the core requirements for all positions in the class series; therefore, the KSA’s listed are not exhaustive or necessarily inclusive of the requirements of every position in the class.
  • Knowledge of Lottery drawing and security procedures.
  • Knowledge of computer operations and system control procedures.
  • Knowledge of state-of-the-art hardware and software and their application to public gaming.
  • Knowledge of data base management and information systems.
  • Knowledge of system programming and design.
  • Knowledge of statistical methods of data analysis.
  • Knowledge of system analysis including information needs analysis, requirements analysis and design alternative analysis.
  • Knowledge of basic mathematics.
  • Skill in the application and interpretation of drawing and security procedures.
  • Ability to organize and prioritize, particularly as it involves time sensitive procedures/issues.
  • Ability to apply sound judgement when making routine determinations.
  • Ability to analyze operational problems.
  • Ability to prepare and interpret a variety of reports.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.   
In addition to the above Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, the Lottery Security/Operations Specialist II requires:
  • Knowledge of basic percentages, ratio calculations, and statistics.
  • Knowledge of business requirements analysis, and implementation of new functionality, upgrades, patches, and enhancements.
  • Knowledge of test data interpretation.
  • Knowledge of the methods and techniques used in regression testing of system modifications.
  • Skill in conducting data review, analyzing data to ensure system integrity, and troubleshooting to resolve issues.
  • Skill in applying sound judgement while making a variety of determinations, including those that are complex and borderline.
  • Skill in selecting test methods and procedures.
  • Skill in analyzing and evaluating complex test data to determine course of action.
  • Ability to train, assign, oversee, and evaluate the work of others.
  • Ability to recognize and mediate diverse/conflicting priorities.
  • Ability to compile, analyze, and interpret data.
  • Ability to determine the feasibility of system changes and compatibility with current systems.
  • Ability to lead in a team environment, reviewing, planning, and conducting tests with gaming equipment.
  • Ability to prepare accurate reports of testing outcomes.
  • Ability to conduct informational presentations.
In addition to the above Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, the Lottery Security/Operations Supervisor requires:
  • Knowledge of supervisory principles and practices.
  • Knowledge of Division policies and procedures.
  • Skill in conducting investigations.
  • Skill in analyzing system processes or problems and recommending solutions or system enhancements to ensure quality and consistency of systems.
  • Skill in the presentation of oral, written, and visual materials to groups.
  • Skill in diagnosing problems, developing solutions, and communicating resolutions.
  • Ability to interpret and verify complex testing data and prepare reports.
  • Ability to reach conclusions based on analysis of technical facts and written reports.
  • Ability to plan, organize, and direct the work of others.
  • Ability to develop and implement operational procedures and practices.
  • Ability to organize and develop plans to improve productivity.
In addition to the above Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, the Lottery Security/Operations Administrator requires:
  • Knowledge of the principles, practices and procedures of administrative analysis and office management. 
  • Knowledge of the operation of a daily lottery system. 
  • Knowledge of disaster recovery and business continuity planning. 
  • Knowledge of security systems within the lottery framework. 
  • Knowledge of investigative techniques, rules and regulations. 
  • Knowledge of computer operations, user acceptance testing and script writing, and generation of statistical reports. 
  • Knowledge of inventory reporting and controls. 
  • Skill in staff supervision. 
  • Ability to analyze and evaluate operational needs of an organization. 
  • Ability to investigate allegations in a sensitive and effective manner. 
  • Ability to identify the source of errors, trouble-shoot the errors, and work with third party vendor to resolve the error.

Job Requirements

JOB REQUIREMENTS for Lottery Security/Operations Specialist II
Applicants must have education, training and/or experience demonstrating competence in each of the following areas: 

  1. One year of experience working in a Unit Acceptance Testing environment.
  2. One year of experience troubleshooting, diagnosing, and resolving hardware and software issues involving computer systems and data networks.
  3. One year of experience in ensuring compliance with laws, rules, regulations, standards, policies, and procedures.
  4. One year of experience using the methods and techniques of system testing and documenting.
  5. Six months' experience in data modeling and statistical analysis.
  6. Six months' experience in narrative report writing.
  7. Possession of a valid Driver’s License (not suspended, revoked, or cancelled, or disqualified from driving).