Identification and Records Coordinator (#MAAZ07)
$39,654.00 Yearly Min / $49,567.00 Yearly Mid / $59,480.00 Yearly Max

Summary Statement

This class is responsible for assisting in the development of computer and manual records systems, providing training, and auditing statewide correctional identification and records, and assuring all records personnel perform procedures in a consistent manner.

Nature and Scope

This class reports to an administrative superior. The incumbent assists in developing, implementing, and maintaining systems for data input and retrieval in a computer environment. An incumbent audits records at all facilities, researches problem areas, and develops solutions to assure consistency and accuracy. A significant aspect of the work is dealing with department personnel, and criminal justice agencies, both state and federal.

Essential Functions

Essential functions are fundamental, core functions common to all positions in the class series and are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all job duties for any one position in the class. Since class specifications are descriptive and not restrictive, incumbents can complete job duties of similar kind not specifically listed here.

  • Coordinates the maintenance and control of offender records.

  • Audits records at all Department locations to assure accuracy and standardization of procedures.

  • Answers correspondence and telephone inquiries from criminal justice agencies (in and out of state), departmental personnel and Federal government agencies in accordance with State, Federal Security and Privacy Act guidelines.

  • Plans and evaluates the work of clerical personnel.

  • Assists in the development, implementation and modification of recordkeeping systems for statewide offender records.

  • Coordinates all compact agreements and inmate disposition forms between Department of Justice and institutions.

  • Provides assistance to staff in all Department locations in the proper methods of retention and disposition of records.

  • Compiles and prepares various reports pertaining to audit findings, custody population and activity of records, offices, etc.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The intent of the listed knowledge, skills and abilities is to give a general indication of the core requirements for all positions in the class series; therefore, the KSA’s listed are not exhaustive or necessarily inclusive of the requirements of every position in the class.

  • Knowledge of records management principles and practices.
  • Knowledge of records and identification systems.
  • Knowledge of legal terminology and legal documents.
  • Knowledge of data processing associated with records system management.
  • Knowledge of office practices and procedures.
  • Knowledge of the methods and techniques of report preparation.
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.
  • Knowledge of applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.
  • Ability to interpret, explain and apply applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures and legal documents.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with criminal justice agencies, department personnel, Federal government agencies and subordinates.

Job Requirements

JOB REQUIREMENTS for Identification and Records Coordinator
Applicants must have education, training and/or experience demonstrating competence in each of the following areas:

  1. Six months experience in archives, records management or library services.
  2. Six months experience in interpreting court documents such as warrants, court orders or sentence orders.
  3. Six months experience in interpreting laws, rules, regulations, standards, policies, and procedures.
  4. Six months experience in document processing and control which includes reviewing and evaluating records for completeness and conformity with laws, rules, regulations, standards, policies and procedures and ensures quality assurance of results.
  5. Six months experience in using an automated information system to enter, update, modify, delete, retrieve/inquire and report on data.