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The State of Connecticut, Department of Transportation (DOT), is recruiting for a Transportation Planning Director in the Bureau of Policy and Planning, at our headquarters located in Newington Connecticut. This Transportation Director position will lead a newly formed Office of Policy & Intergovernmental Affairs. This Transportation Director position and dedicated staff will be critical in ensuring an open and transparent relationship with our federal and local partners and stakeholders, ensuring federal planning requirements are met, staying abreast of federal policy changes and capitalizing on discretionary funding opportunities associated with the recently passed Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. We are seeking candidates who excel in policy development, communication and relationship building to lead us into the future. This position is full time, 40 hours per week and will report to the Bureau Chief of Policy & Planning.

About Us: As one of Connecticut’s largest State agencies, DOT employs approximately 3,000 individuals statewide in five distinct bureaus. It is our mission to provide a safe, accessible, and efficient multimodal transportation network that improves the quality of life and promotes economic vitality for the State and the region. We have a significant transportation infrastructure system that is essential to maintaining mobility for Connecticut residents and businesses and supporting economic and community development while preserving the State’s resources. The Department of Transportation is committed to cultivating a diverse staff that is representative of the communities we serve. Applications from individuals having diverse backgrounds and life experiences are strongly encouraged.

The Role: The Bureau of Policy and Planning interacts with Legislative and Congressional members and staff, USDOT funding agencies, State and federal regulatory and cooperating agencies, Regional Councils of Government, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, as well as nationally recognized transportation organizations on various transportation bills including major authorizations and appropriation bills. . This Director will also be responsible for maintaining a strong line of communication with the Legislative Affairs Office in the Commissioner’s Office.

This new Director will oversee three units: Policy Development; Grants & Socio-Economics, and Intergovernmental Affairs. The Policy Development unit will be created which will track and lead the review, analysis, and comment on state and federal actions, including, but not limited to; proposed federal and state laws, regulations, Notices of Proposed Rulemakings (NPRM), Notices of Requests for Information or Comments on federal policy, policy changes, guidance, and pilot programs. This unit will also track and ensure timely fulfillment of federal planning requirements and act as the lead in development, review and periodic updating of Department Policies.

This unit will respond to Congressional requests, cover Congressional hearings, prepare materials for legislative visits, and provide educational briefings to Congressional members and staff. The unit will also coordinate agency submittals for; yearly Appropriations Committee Community Project Funding/Congressionally Directed Spending (earmarks) project requests, feedback on legislative amendments, and other proactive engagement with Connecticut’s Congressional delegation.

The unit will interact with U.S. DOT and other federal agencies and participate in regional and national organizations such as the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), Northeast Association of State Transportation Officials (NASTO), The Eastern States Transportation Coalition (TETC), ITS America, American Public Transportation Association (APTA), and many others.

The Grants and Socio - Economic Development Unit is currently in the process of being assembled and will be responsible for leading grant initiatives within the Department, across Bureaus for the pre- award, award and post-Award stages of grant opportunities. This unit will also focus on analyzing the state’s varied socio-economic landscape, and the intersection with transportation projects and programs. With many upcoming funding prospects tied to equity and rebuilding of jobs and communities, this unit will serve the varied needs of the Department in securing funds, as well as applying them to the projects and programs which will bring the most benefit to our State and its residents.

This unit will be dedicated to analysis of the impact and benefits of transportation projects on local, regional and statewide economics, historically overburdened and underserved communities, reducing barriers to opportunity, and resiliency and sustainability of the State’s transportation infrastructure. The unit will gather and utilize data regarding travel time savings, accessibility, and job creation to calculate the likely economic implications of transportation projects and programs.

Intergovernmental Affairs within Policy & Planning is the designated Department Liaison for the MPOs (Metropolitan Planning Organizations), COGs (Councils of Government) and local officials and ensures that the transportation planning process is conducted in accordance with the requirements of federal laws and regulations. The Unit assists with the coordination and dissemination of information on various transportation planning programs and activities and transportation planning documents; and obtains information on projects and programs from individuals in other Department offices and disseminates information to appropriate parties. The Unit solicits the MPOs/COGs for project proposals under the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) program, the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) and the corridor study initiative.

The Transportation Planning Director Position is essential to aid the Bureau Chief in: setting goals and objectives for various programs; directing and coordinating the activities of the various offices; building and maintaining relationships with local, regional, state and federal agencies and stakeholders, and ensuring that all state and federal requirements are met on time and in a fiscally responsible manner. Additional management responsibilities include serving as a technical advisor to the Chief of Policy & Planning on matters involving the Department’s plans and policies, and interpreting and adhering to pertinent laws and regulations including the recently enacted Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (previously referred to as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)), All offices within the Bureau of Policy & Planning directly impact the agency’s mission of providing safe and accessible transportation and ensuring compliance with state and federal law and regulations.

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In the Department of Transportation, Bureau of Planning this class is accountable for directing the administration and operation of one of the Bureau offices.


Duties will include creating an office of Policy Development and leading the three units discussed (Policy Development; Grants & Socio-Economics, and Intergovernmental Affairs). Responsibilities include; to lead and track federal Policy reviews and reporting responsibilities, increase collaboration and communication among and with our federal, state, and local elected officials, regional and municipal partners, and stakeholders, and leading initiatives within the Department, across Bureaus for discretionary grant opportunities.
This position will oversee and will provide direction to the Transportation Supervising Planners and Grants and Contracts Specialist and staff in each unit. The Director’s role is to assist in the management and operations of the offices and assure that critical office functions are maintained, The Transportation Planning Director will formulate goals and objectives; develop related policy; interpret and administer pertinent laws and regulations; evaluate and mentor staff; prepare office budgets; and build and maintain relationships both internally and externally with State, regional and federal agencies and key stakeholders.

Most importantly, the Transportation Director will evaluate changing State and federal requirements, evolving industry practices, and aid in developing strategic direction for the agency to ensure that the office is responding and adapting to meet future needs and adopting to allow The Department to be a leader in the industry. It is critically important that these units develop and maintain the capability to meet the various demands of the new infrastructure bill.
Duties include:
  • Oversee and manage the new Office of Policy & Intergovernmental Affairs within the Bureau of Policy & Planning
  • Aid the Bureau Chief in supporting the Highway Safety Office
  • Aid the Department in adapting to evolving state and federal priorities relative to future multimodal transportation needs, issues, and best practices.
  • Help shape the Bureau’s long-term vision, strategy, and policies for serving the mobility and accessibility needs of Connecticut’s residents and businesses in an equitable fashion which supports economic growth, strong communities, and a healthy sustainable environment.
  • Focus on innovation to improve processes.
  • Build the capacity of teams through staff development, coaching, mentoring and team building opportunities.
Other related duties can be found here.


  • Considerable knowledge of
    • and ability to apply management principles and practices;
    • relevant state and federal laws, statutes and regulations;
    • techniques of professional management as applied to transportation planning and related activities;
    • state and federal transportation funding programs;
    • contemporary techniques, concepts and procedures employed in field of transportation planning; 
  • Considerable
    • interpersonal skills; 
    • oral and written communication skills.


Ten (10) years of professional experience in transportation, urban, regional, or environmental planning or engineering project management.


Two (2) years of the General Experience must have been in a managerial capacity in transportation, urban, regional or environmental planning or engineering project management.


  • Managerial capacity is defined as full time managerial responsibility for major programs. Position will have supervisory responsibilities, but the emphasis should be on management activities: planning, organizing, directing and controlling resources of a major subdivision of an agency or organization.
  • For State employees, this experience is interpreted at the level of a Transportation
    • Assistant Planning Director 
    • Transit Manager
    • Division Chief
    • Assistant District Engineer
    • Or an Executive Director of State Traffic Commission.


  • Experience as an accomplished leader with a demonstrated record of achievement in the transportation policy sector.
  • Experience with transportation policy and emerging issues.
  • Senior management experience at a significant organization.
  • Prior government experience and familiarity of legislative and government budgeting cycles and processes. Experience in relationships with relevant stakeholders.
  • Experience with complex negotiations.



The State of Connecticut is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.


As defined by Sec. 5-196 of the Connecticut General Statutes, a job class is a position or group of positions that share general characteristics and are categorized under a single title for administrative purposes.  As such, a job class is not meant to be all-inclusive of every task and/or responsibility.

The State of Connecticut is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and strongly encourages the application of women, minorities and persons with disabilities.