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Transportation Assistant Planning Director

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Are you a current State of Connecticut employee looking to take on a strategic data-driven role? Are you looking to advance your career with the Department of Transportation? If so, we want you to check out this exciting opportunity!

The State of Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) is now accepting applications from qualified state employees for the position of Chief Data Officer (CDO) (Transportation Assistant Planning Director) to be located administratively in the Bureau of Policy and Planning in Newington, CT.

In today’s information-driven environment, data is the lifeblood of a modern DOT. It is an integral part of every business process and shapes interactions with internal staff and external partners, guides program design and project investments, and facilitates strategic plans and decisions. Modern DOTs view data as a critical asset that must be managed, nurtured, enriched, and delivered in a timely manner to all employees, partners, applications, and systems that need it.


As one of Connecticut’s largest State agencies, DOT employs approximately 3,000 individuals statewide in five distinct bureaus. It is our mission to provide a safe, accessible and efficient multimodal transportation network that improves the quality of life and promotes economic vitality for the State and the region. We have a significant transportation infrastructure system that is essential to maintaining mobility for Connecticut residents and businesses and supporting economic and community development while preserving the State’s resources. The Department of Transportation is committed to cultivating a diverse staff that is representative of the communities we serve.


The CDO would develop the vision, strategies, and programs designed to optimize the coordinated development and use of enterprise data to leverage strategic investment and operational decisions in support of the DOT’s safety, infrastructure, asset management, and maintenance goals. The position will be charged with developing an infrastructure to help guide organizational growth and change. The CDO will help the Department ensure an open and transparent relationship with its federal, state, and local partners and stakeholders, ensuring planning requirements are met, and that the Department is optimizing its resources.

This new CDO would serve as the lead across the Department for all data stewardship issues and set the direction for the agency and coordinate efforts across offices and Bureaus. The CDO will report to the Bureau Chief of Policy & Planning, but a strong line of communication will be maintained with the Deputy Commissioners.

The CDO will lead a large number of initiatives within the Department, not least of which will include creating the DOT’s first Chief Data Officer position and overseeing the growth and repositioning of the existing Enterprise GIS unit.


As a state employee, you would continue to be able to participate in our competitive benefits plan which includes health an
d dental insurance, a retirement plan, group life insurance, and other supplemental benefits. Paid time off is also offered, including 12 paid holidays per calendar year, in addition to vacation, sick and personal leave accruals. You would also continue to be part of a culture that encourages work-life balance.

Selection Plan

In order to be considered for this job opening, you must be a current State of CT employee, who has worked for the state for at least six (6) months of full-time service or full-time equivalent service, absent any applicable collective bargaining language, and meet the Minimum Qualifications as listed on the job opening. You must specify your qualifications on your application.

To Apply:

  • In order to be considered for this job opening, you must meet the Minimum Qualifications as listed on this job opening. You must specify your qualifications on your application.
  • The minimum experience and training requirements must be met by the close date on the job opening, unless otherwise specified.
  • Ensure that your application is complete and detailed before submitting it. In order to comply with Public Act 21-69, the State of Connecticut is no longer asking for resumes during the initial application process. You will not be able to make revisions once your application is submitted into the JobAps system.
  • Please select all location(s) and shift(s) you are willing to work on your application. Failure to do so may result in not being considered for vacancies in that specific location or shift.
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  • Interviews will be limited to candidates whose experience and training most closely meet the requirements of the position.
  • The immediate vacancy is listed above, however, applications to this recruitment may be used for future vacancies in this job class.
  • Candidates who are offered and accept a position with the State of Connecticut are bound by the State Code of Ethics for Public Officials and State Employees which is available at
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Due to the large volume of applications received, we are unable to provide confirmation of receipt or status during the recruitment process. Updates will be available through your JobAps portal account. Should you have any questions pertaining to this recruitment, please contact Faith MacDonald at or 860-937-6362.


In the Department of Transportation, Bureau of Planning, this class is accountable for assisting a Transportation Planning Director in the administration and operation of one of the Bureau offices.


  • Institutionalize guidance, direction and oversight of data development, acquisition, and management activities across organizational units through ongoing analysis and support of business needs and requirements
  • Develop standards and best practices to enable the retrieval and consumption of enterprise data and information for visualization, analytical, and decision-making purposes
  • Develop an annual data management investment strategy in coordination with external partners resulting in a planning document that identifies clear time framed priorities and resources for the development of Geographic Information System (GIS) enterprise data
  • Convene internal users and leadership partners to coordinate and share business requirements, solutions, project activities and anticipated outcomes on a scheduled basis
  • Assure that the DOT continues to make steady incremental progress towards compliance with national data goals and strategies developed by the USDOT to support infrastructure, safety, and asset management programs
  • Manage and guide the coordination and development of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to assure that authoritative asset inventories are complete, accurate, and timely and so that maintenance activities can be tracked and efficiently managed and all Federal aid reimbursements fully optimized
  • Develop and implement a full-service training program to assure that GIS development and analytical capabilities exist and are serving the needs of all levels of the organization
  • Create processes, procedures, and requirements to assure that asset data matures and is developed in an orderly and consistent manner
  • Assure the smooth and orderly acquisition of technology to leverage Department-wide benefits and to minimize waste and duplication of effort
  • Coordinate with dedicated DOT Technology Services (IT) staff to assure appropriate data infrastructure support needs are being met in terms of architecture, software, and database management requirements
  • Serve as the main point of contact for the Executive Team relative to the management of data and information as a strategic Departmental asset
  • Serve as a point of escalation for Agency data governance and Agency data quality issues
  • In coordination with DOT Technology Services (IT) ensure adherence to the State Open Data governance framework for data policies, standards, and practices, both at the Agency and State level to achieve the required level of data consistency and quality to meet overall Agency and State business needs
  • Work closely with business units, data stewards and functional area leadership to improve the quality and value of the core data assets of the Agency
  • Coordinate with Business Units and DOT IT to ensure that data-related business requirements are clearly defined, communicated, and well understood and considered as part of operational prioritization and planning
  • Manage the continued development of enterprise geospatial information and valued data sets
  • Develop and roll out an Agency wide data governance framework and roadmap, with a focus on improvement and elimination of data duplication within the Agency through policies, standards, principles, governance metrics, processes, related tools and data architecture
  • In conjunction with the DOT IT Management, provide data projects progress reports to Agency Executive team and oversee periodic updates to the developed Agency Data Governance Roadmap
  • Define roles and responsibilities related to data governance and ensure clear accountability for stewardship of the Agency’s principal information assets
  • Ensure quality of data services according to developed standards, processes, and procedures. Coordinate training of agency staff where appropriate
  • Coordinate with DOT IT the research of new business analytic tools to keep up with current technology and create a strong business intelligence platform from which to operate
  • Assist in the development of meaningful and effective data analytical capabilities and tools to leverage and interpret critical transportation information in support of the mission and core business processes of a modern State DOT
  • Facilitate policies and procedures for requesting and sharing DOT data with local, state and federal agencies and other stakeholders
  • Performs related duties as required


Knowledge of and ability to apply management principles and techniques; considerable knowledge of relevant State and Federal laws, statutes and regulations; considerable knowledge of contemporary techniques, concepts and procedures employed in field of transportation; considerable interpersonal skills; considerable oral and written communication skills.


Two (2) years of experience in a supervisory capacity involving transportation planning, urban planning, regional planning or transportation environmental planning.
Note: For State Employees supervisory capacity will be interpreted at or above the level of Transportation Supervising Planner.


  • Experience developing standards and best practices to enable the retrieval and consumption of enterprise data and information for visualization, analytical, and decision-making purposes
  • Experience with ESRI ArcGIS suite, Feature Manipulation Engine (FME), Python, Microsoft’s PowerBI, PowerAutomate, Lists, and SharePoint
  • Experience with designing and communicating program goals and objectives for technical and non-technical audiences
  • Experience with U.S. Department of Transportation data standards and requirements including Transportation Asset Management Programs
  • Experience preparing presentations, reports, StoryMaps, and technical work products in other mediums for agency executives



The State of Connecticut is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.

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The State of Connecticut is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and strongly encourages the application of women, minorities and persons with disabilities.