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Labor Relations Trainee

Leadership Associate (Confidential)

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The State of Connecticut is currently recruiting for a full-time Labor Relations Trainee (Leadership Associate) position with the target class of Agency Labor Relations Specialist. With the centralization of Human Resources under the State's Department of Administrative Services and the redeployment of Labor Relations functions under the Office of Labor Relations (OLR), this position will be assigned to support the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection in its headquarters at 79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT.

At the State of Connecticut, Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP), we are dedicated to conserving, improving and protecting our natural resources and the environment of the state of Connecticut as well as making cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy available for the people and businesses of the state. The agency is also committed to playing a positive role in rebuilding Connecticut’s economy and creating jobs and to fostering a sustainable and prosperous economic future for the state. DEEP is comprised of approximately 900 permanent employees and more than 600 Seasonal employees throughout the year.

As a Labor Relations Trainee (Leadership Associate), you will be required to successfully complete a training plan, not to exceed three (3) years (dependent on candidate's education and experience). The selected candidate for this position will participate in a development program designed to provide the knowledge and technical skills required to perform the full functions of the target class of Agency Labor Relations Specialist.  

This is a full-time forty (40) hour per week position. The work schedule is Monday through Friday on first shift. However, work schedule flexibility is required in order to meet the demands of the job.

Note: The certification list generated from this recruitment may be considered for future Labor Relations Trainee (Leadership Associate) opportunities with a target class of Agency Labor Relations Specialist for a period of one year.  

Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications as listed on the job opening and must specify both the minimum and preferred knowledge, skills and abilities on their application for consideration. Please note you will be unable to make revisions once you submit your application for this posting to the JobAps system. 

Please include your resume within the "Resume Tab" of your application.

Should you have questions pertaining to this recruitment, please contact, (860) 424-3006.

Selection Plan

This position is non-competitive. Open to the public.

At any point later in the recruitment process, applicants may be required to submit additional documentation which support their qualification(s) for this position. These documents may include: performance reviews, attendance, supervisor references, college transcripts, etc., at the discretion of the hiring agency.

 Incumbents in this class will be required to possess and retain a valid Motor Vehicle Operator's license.

Incumbents in this class will be required to travel statewide.

This posting MAY require completion of additional referral questions (RQ’s) which will be sent to you via email after the closing date. Please regularly check your email for notifications.

You must reply by the deadline indicated on the notification or you will be automatically disqualified from consideration.


In a state agency incumbents in this class participate in a formal development program designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to qualify for appointment to a designated managerial or professional confidential class assigned to the MP Pay Plan.


Participates in a formal development program designed to develop the knowledge and skills needed in order to qualify for appointment and advancement to a designated managerial or professional/ confidential class; performs/learns the duties of the designated function; performs/learns leadership skills and develops leadership traits; prepares program progress reports; attends managerial meetings germane to designated function; prepares and gives presentations; assists in major projects; participates in budget preparation and management; attends formal training courses; may lead special projects; performs related duties as required.

The development program is designed to provide the knowledge and technical skills needed to master professional duties associated with Labor Relations including, but not limited to the following:  

·        Conducts a variety of investigations and determines appropriate action;

·        Administers and interprets collective bargaining agreements

·        Administers progressive discipline and conducts grievance hearings;

·        Advises executives, administrators, managers and supervisors on collective bargaining agreements and other employee relations issues;

·        Analyzes complex workplace situations and issues and leverage solutions;

·        Oversees performance management system;

·        Prepares and maintains relevant documentation;

·        Serves as a member of labor contract negotiating teams; as assigned;

·        Performs job audits, or other fact finding techniques, related to individual job classification and job classification studies;

May administer agency employee assistance program and recommend counseling to employees;

For this position within DEEP, duties will include:  

·        Coordinating with the DEEP Legal Director on employment and labor matters;

·        Training executives, administrators, managers and supervisors on collective bargaining and employee relations, including progressive discipline, grievance process and performance management.


Considerable oral and written communication skills; interpersonal skills; considerable ability to understand and apply state and federal laws, statutes and regulations; considerable ability to analyze and solve problems; considerable ability to effect and manage change; considerable ability to plan for and implement excellent customer service; considerable ability to learn a new knowledge base in functional area; considerable ability to learn and apply policy and procedure; managerial aptitude.


Candidates must be able to meet the experience and training requirements of the designated class at the completion of the development program.


·        Excellent written communication skills

·        Experience conducting research

·        Experience in preparing reports

·        Experience in state government, municipal, and/or in a unionized environment

·        Experience with employment issues

·        Effective interpersonal skills, including conflict resolution and negotiation skills

·        Ability to problem solve/exercise critical thinking  

Preferred Education: A law degree, with employment law background desirable.


1. Prior to appointment to this class there must be an approved managerial or professional confidential designated class identified to which the incumbent will be appointed upon successful completion of an approved development program. Incumbents in this class must meet the experience and training requirements of the identified designated class at the end of the development program.
2. The work schedule for this classification is full-time. Incumbents must work a full-time forty (40) hours per week schedule.
3. Incumbents in this class will be eligible for reclassification to the designated class without competitive examination upon successful completion of the development program and satisfactory service. The length of the development program should be designed around the requirements of the designated class and the prior experience of the incumbent but in no case should be less than one (1) year or exceed three (3) calendar years in accordance with C.G.S. 5-234.
4. All appointments to this class shall be under terms of an approved development program and in accordance with a time schedule approved by the Department of Administrative Services.
5. No additional working test period shall be required upon successful completion of the development program.



The State of Connecticut is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.

The State of Connecticut is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and strongly encourages the application of women, minorities and persons with disabilities.