Connecticut StateDepartment of Administrative Services

Director of Admissions, Placement and Outreach

Recruitment #190920-0415VR-001



The State of Connecticut, State Department of Education is seeking a qualified individual to serve as Director of Admissions, Placement and Outreach.  The main responsibility of this position is to revise the admissions policies and processes for CTECS. The ideal candidate will have experience in the area of school admissions, such as a background in school counseling or service as a school administrator.  The position is located at 39 Woodland Street in Harford, which is the CTECS Central Office.  Extensive in-state travel may be required. 

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a durational position with an end date of August 1, 2021.

Selection Plan

All applicants must include a resume within the "Resume Tab" of their application with their submission.  Applicants invited to interview may be required to submit additional documentation, which supports their qualification(s) for this position.  These documents may include:  performance reviews, supervisory references, college transcripts, licensure, etc., at the discretion of the hiring agency.

Please note that Human Resources is unable to provide confirmation of receipt or status of application during the recruitment process.  Applicants are encouraged to log in and check for updates provided through the JobAps portal account.  Interviews will be limited to candidates whose experience and training most closely meet the requirements of the position.  For all other inquiries, please contact Chris Beloff at


In a state agency makes or conducts a special inquiry, investigation, examination or installation pursuant to Section 5-198(n) of the Connecticut General Statutes.



·         Collaborate with Regional School Choice Office to transition all 17 diploma-granting schools within CTECS to an on-line application system and predominately lottery-based placement process for the 2020-21 school year.  

·         Market half-day trade program at J.M Wright THS and develop additional pilot opportunities for varied delivery models.  

·         Oversee implementation of admissions guidelines as established by the SDE Bureau of Special Education regarding enrollment of special education students, and develop a communication and training program for relevant staff and sending school districts on implementing the guidelines.   

·         Develop and implement a process to review PPT recommendations regarding applicants and implement that process as the lead decision-maker. 

·         Maintain and monitor statistical data on PPTs, appeals and outcomes. 

·         Oversee and direct the day-to-day operations of CTECS staff responsible for admissions and enrollment of incoming students. 

·         Develop, recommend and implement remediation opportunities for incoming students to support social and academic transitions. 

·         Manage all necessary and critical human resource functions and decisions. 

·         Develop marketing/recruitment budget and implement sound fiscal controls and systems for maximizing effectiveness of expenditures.


Ability to manage development and implementation of marketing/recruitment/application materials, communications, and processes; ability to develop and implement revised and user-friendly uniform application and catalog materials; knowledge of how to develop and monitor budget for training and communication materials; ability to monitor admissions activities and processes to ensure compliance with guideline terms and objectives.  Ability to manage an appeals process for families to appeal PPT decisions regarding a school district’s ability to provide a free and appropriate education.  Ability to communicate with families and districts regarding procedures, applicant status and outcomes.  Skills in creating and communicating procedural and policy documents for staff regarding student admissions and enrollment, and developing guidelines regarding review of student educational records, including disciplinary history and special education services.  Ability to collect, maintain and analyze admissions data and recommend adjustments to admissions processes based on data results.  Knowledge of how to develop a budget for educational and social programming.


Must be certified in one or more of the following areas: 

  • Comprehensive Special Education, K-12
  • Intermediate Administration or Supervision (092)
  • Superintendent of Schools
  • School Counselor
  • School Psychologist
  • School Social Worker


Applicants with the following experience and training is preferred:

  • Certification as a school administrator (092);
  • Certification in Guidance or Special Education;
  • Experience with and knowledge of on-line application systems;
  • Experience with outreach to educational institutions, community organizations, and families;
  • Experience overseeing admissions in a public or private secondary education district or facility;
  • Experience developing and distributing marketing/recruitment/application materials;
  • Experience maintaining and monitoring statistical data on PPTs, appeals and outcomes;
  • Experience with human resources processes and procedures.



The State of Connecticut is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.

The State of Connecticut is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and strongly encourages the application of women, minorities and persons with disabilities.