Department of Administrative Services

Qualified Craft Worker (Masonry ) (37.5 Hour) (6825TC)

$27.58-$35.70 Hourly / $2,068.44-$2,677.68 BiWeekly /
$53,986.02-$69,887.19 Yearly


In a state agency, this class is accountable for performing highly skilled duties in one or more trade areas.


Incumbents in this class will spend the majority of work time in the performance of highly skilled duties in one or more trade areas. This class is not intended to be the normal progression for all Maintainers; it should be reserved solely for agencies and facilities where trade level skills are clearly required for a major portion of an incumbent's duties. Incumbents may also be asked to perform duties in the same or related trade areas up to the level of Qualified Craft Worker.


Works under the limited supervision of a Building Maintenance Supervisor, Transportation Maintenance Crew Leader, Maintenance Supervisor or other employee of higher grade.


May lead other Qualified Craft Workers, students, seasonal help, inmates or other lower level employees as assigned.


Performs highly skilled maintenance and/or construction work requiring application of trade skills, codes and standard trade practices; makes estimates of time, personnel and material required on assigned tasks; keeps necessary records; in smaller trade areas may be the sole worker running a skilled trade area; performs duties related to trade or similar trade areas as required; at state owned airports may be required to stand by for and respond to fire and/or crash emergency situations; performs related duties as required.
ADAPTIVE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT: Performs highly skilled design, construction, repair and alteration of medical and therapeutic equipment such as wheelchairs, mobile units, stretchers, benches, walkers, assistive ambulatory devices, adaptive toilet seats, bed sitters, bed wedges and other adaptive medical equipment; performs skilled bench work, operating such equipment as power saws, jointers, wood lathes, planers, boring, sanding, and upholstering machines and equipment, pipefitting and welding equipment and appropriate hand tools; works in consultation with medical staff in designing, measuring and fitting clients to specialized adaptive medical equipment; works with clients for measuring and fitting of specialized equipment; may design and fabricate needed parts and equipment for use in construction of adaptive medical equipment.
CARPENTRY: Performs highly skilled carpentry tasks in accordance with standard trade practices; performs alterations, repairs and maintenance of structures and facilities; performs skilled bench work, operating with such equipment as power saws, jointers, wood lathes, planers, boring, sanding and mortising machines; builds and repairs cabinets; cleans, sharpens and repairs hand and bench tools; lays resilient flooring and Formica; may cut glass and glaze windows; may fabricate signs.
GLAZING: Performs highly skilled glazing tasks in accordance with standard trade practices; installs/maintains/repairs all types of glass windows, doors, mirrors, display cases, partitions, etc.; takes precise measurements for areas requiring glass; removes broken glass; prepares area for replacement or new glass; installs glass; caulks with a appropriate caulking; may remove and replace sash and window moldings.
MACHINE SHOP: Performs highly skilled tasks in accordance with standard trade practices; sets up and operates lathes, shapers, planers, slotters, power saws, milling machines, drill presses and similar metal working power equipment working to close tolerances; uses taps, reamers, files and other hand tools; gauges work using micrometers, calipers and other precision type measuring instruments; fashions machine parts, shafts, bearings, gears and a variety of other items of specialized machinery and equipment; dismantles equipment, locates source of inadequate performance and makes necessary repairs; operates, assembles and tests equipment, makes repairs to a wide variety of tools and other metal objects; uses both electric and acetylene welders in making repairs; may do blacksmith work; may repair builders hardware; may act as chief mechanic on heavy, fixed equipment servicing, dismantling, overhauling, repairing and reassembling such equipment.
MASONRY: Performs highly skilled tasks in accordance with standard trade practices; lays bricks, stones, hollow tile, terra cotta and building blocks to construct or repair walls, partitions, abutments and other structures; constructs intricate forms for end walls, catch basins and other similar structures; supervises mixing and pouring of concrete and cement; does more difficult grouting; may lay and repair resilient flooring and Formica; may install or repair plastering.
PAINTING: Performs highly skilled painting tasks in accordance with standard trade practices; performs all types of hand and spray painting; mixes paint by hand or machine; matches colors; erects working scaffolds and ladders; removes old paint by paint removers, blowtorches or scrapers; cleans brushes, maintains spraying equipment; does wallpapering and drywall taping; may do furniture refinishing work; may lay and repair resilient flooring and Formica; may cut glass and glaze windows; may remove broken glass; may prepare temporary plywood coverings for areas with broken glass; may take precise measurements of areas requiring new glass; may remove and replace sash and window moldings; may fabricate signs including laying out patterns, designing lettering and logos, cutting film from patterns, manufacturing wood sign frames and screening patterns onto silk; may stain, prime and paint signs.
UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT, Storrs: ROOFING: Performs highly skilled roofing tasks in accordance with standard trade practices; performs alterations, repairs, and maintenance of structures and facilities primarily maintenance and repair of built-up roofing systems, rolled roofing, asphalt shingles, metal roofs, and single-ply roofing systems; performs inspections of roofing systems for damage, wear, and preventative maintenance; determines appropriate methods and materials for repairs; operates lift equipment for repair and maintenance functions; performs cleaning of roofs and gutters.
SIGN MAKING: Performs highly skilled tasks to design, fabricate and install signs and other visual communication media; utilizes computer software and hardware to design signs and other visual communications; prepares substrates for assembly and operates computerized vinyl cutters, printers, engravers, metal shears and other equipment and tools for fabrication; installs signs as assigned; maintains inventory levels of supplies and tools; maintains equipment to ensure proper functionality; prepares required reports; performs related duties as required.
TINSMITH: Performs highly skilled sheet metal tasks in accordance with standard trade practices; fabricates, assembles, alters, repairs and installs sheet metal articles and equipment; lays out and cuts metal by hand or machine operated shears; forms metals; punches or drills holes; assembles parts, brackets and hangers; makes attachments and seams by bolting, riveting, soldering, nailing, welding or otherwise fastening; repairs flashing and gutters.
WELDING; Performs highly skilled tasks in accordance with standard trade practices; welds mental parts by oxyacetylene torch and welding rods or electric welding apparatus; brazes parts; lays out parts; dismantles equipment and makes necessary repairs; tests welds; assembles and tests equipment; maintains and repairs welding tools and equipment; may do blacksmith work.


Considerable knowledge of and ability to apply standard tools, materials, methods and practices of the particular trade; interpersonal skills; oral and written communication skills; ability to prepare estimates and keep shop records; some ability to utilize computer software.


Four (4) years of experience in the particular trade area indicated by the parenthetical title.


Two (2) years of the General Experience must have been performing skilled trade functions in the particular craft indicated by the parenthetical title.
Note: For State Employees, this is interpreted at the level of Skilled Maintainer or Transportation Maintainer 2. Housekeeping, custodial and food services duties will not be considered as qualifying experience.


1. Graduation from a vocational or technical school with a diploma designating completion of subject requirements in a maintenance trade area may be substituted for two (2) years of the General Experience.
2. Two (2) years of experience as a Qualified Craft Worker Intern may be substituted for the General and Special Experience.
3. Experience performing technical duties within the maintenance trade area on a military base, aircraft carrier or large compound may be substituted for the General and Special Experience on a year for year basis.


1. Incumbents in this class at the Department of Transportation or the Connecticut Airport Authority performing structural steel welding will be required to possess a Department of Transportation welding certification.
2. Incumbents in this class may be required by the appointing authority to possess and retain appropriate current licenses, permits and/or certifications.


At State Airports: In addition to the checking of references and of facts stated in the application, a thorough background investigation of each candidate may be made before persons are certified for appointment.


1. Incumbents in this class must have adequate physical strength, stamina, physical agility and visual and auditory acuity, and must maintain such physical fitness as to be able to perform the duties of the class.
2. A physical examination may be required.


1. Incumbents in this class may be required to lift moderate to heavy weights; may be exposed to extreme weather conditions and to risk of injury from equipment.
2. The appointing authority may require completion of an asbestos removal program consistent with EPA guidelines for operations and maintenance during employment in this class. Incumbents may be required to use protective equipment such as respirators and safety goggles.




(16)-Labor-Trades, Laundry




(7)-Skilled Craft Workers


TC 17


This replaces the existing specification for the class of Qualified Craft Worker (Adaptive Medical Equipment) (Automotive and Mechanical Equipment) (Carpentry) (Glazing) (Locksmith) (Machine Shop) (Masonry) (Painting) (Tinsmith) (Welding) in Salary Group TC 17 approved effective November 29, 2013. (Revised to add SIGN MARKING parenthetical title and content) 6820A 5/9/16 cm



CLASS: 6825TC; EST: ; REV: 2/23/1996;