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Head Nurse (35 Hour) (4356HJ)

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$41.57-$54.99 Hourly / $2,909.89-$3,849.51 BiWeekly /
$75,948.13-$100,472.21 Yearly


In a state agency this class is accountable for administrative and clinical supervision of professional nurses, paraprofessionals and other staff involving direct nursing care of patients/individuals or performing specialized professional nursing work in the areas of community or therapeutic nursing. At the State Universities or State Vocational Technical Schools this class is accountable for providing primary nursing care for students and facility staff.


This class will be used in the following ways:

1. DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES: (1) Incumbents in this class on all shifts are responsible for the administrative and clinical management of a single area or unit including the supervision of a substantial number of professional nurses, paraprofessional and other assigned staff. Incumbents in this class may be used as an in charge supervisor in the absence of a Supervising Nurse. OR (2) Incumbents in this class function as a primary care nurse at all treatment facilities.

2. DEPARTMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH AND ADDICTION SERVICES: (1) Incumbents in this class on the day shift are responsible for the administrative and clinical management of a single unit. On the evening and night shifts, incumbents may be accountable for the administrative and clinical management of more than one unit. This includes supervision of assigned professional nurses, paraprofessionals or other staff. OR (2) Incumbents carry a caseload of selected cases in providing individual, group and family treatment.

3. DEPARTMENT OF DEVELOPMENTAL SERVICES: (1) Incumbents in this class may be used as an in charge supervisor for a unit or units on the night shift in a residential setting and is responsible for coordinating and supervising direct nursing care provided by other professional nurses or paraprofessionals. OR (2) Incumbents provide direct nursing care and serve on interdisciplinary teams in a campus setting.

4. STATE UNIVERSITY NURSE: Incumbents in this class function as the sole nurse on the evening or night shift only. This class does not have another medical professional or supervisor in close proximity more that fifty percent of the time.

5. VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL SCHOOL NURSE: Incumbents in this class function as an on site assessment and triage nurse and provide health counseling services to students.


Works under the general direction from a Supervising Nurse or an employee of a higher grade.


Supervises and/or leads professional and paraprofessional employees and other staff as assigned


WORKING LEAD: Leads the planning of care and implementation of the nursing process; plans unit workflow and determines priorities; schedules, assigns, oversees and reviews work; makes recommendations for personnel actions such as selection, discipline and performance; conducts or assist in conducting performance evaluations; leads professional and paraprofessional nursing staff in provision of patient/individual care; maintains and promotes standards of nursing; ensures controlled drugs are properly stored, administered and ordered; identifies staff development needs; provides staff training and assistance; instructs staff regarding policies and procedures; participates in interdisciplinary meetings to promote and ensure adjustment and continuity of patient/individual care programs; responds to emergencies; may make recommendations on policies and standards; may prepare reports or correspondence; may serve as Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional; performs other related duties as required.

DIRECT CARE: Independently develops, implements and evaluates nursing and/or health care plans; provides nursing consultation in the assigned specialty program; conducts nursing assessments; provides admission and discharge nursing assessments including plans for continuing care; maintains records and makes reports; provides for nursing services to comply with ICF regulations and JCAHO standards; maintains records of stored and secured medications; ensures controlled drugs are properly stored, administered and ordered; independently manages and provides direct care to patients/individuals; participates in individual, group or family therapy; participates as a member of an interdisciplinary team in the assessment, development, implementation and evaluation of patient/individual treatment or health care plans; may participate in home visits and crisis intervention; manages an assigned caseload of other appropriate clinical activities; provides clinical direction and/or training to staff in individual, group and family service delivery programs; may provide in-service training to nursing and paraprofessional staff with regard to signs and symptoms of illness, dysfunction, injury and prevention of same; may conduct patient/individual centered conferences with nursing personnel; may consult with and make recommendations to physicians concerning health needs; may make recommendations on policies or standards; may prepare reports or correspondence; may serve as Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional; performs related duties as required.

SCHOOL NURSE: Independently provides counseling and health education services to students and staff; serves as member of crisis intervention team; provides assessment of medical problems; determines need for physician or medical care; performs basic evaluative procedures and tests; performs primary first aid; ensures that controlled drugs are properly stored; makes referrals and follows up on health needs; provides counseling on health related issues; maintains accurate medical records; writes reports; may administer medication; may administer routine tests or exam; performs related duties as required.


Considerable knowledge of and ability to independently apply nursing principles, techniques and standards; considerable knowledge of specialized patient/individual care applicable to nursing assignment; considerable knowledge of medications, their actions, interactions, uses and side effects; knowledge of general and mental health conditions and treatment interventions through utilization of assessment, nursing diagnosis, outcome identification, health planning, implementation and re-evaluation; knowledge of adult learning and family systems theory; knowledge of and sensitivity to cultural and socio-economic differences; considerable interpersonal skills; oral and written communication skills; ability to establish and maintain collaborative relationships with other professionals, community resources and providers; ability to act as a role model to health care staff; supervisory ability.

BEHAVIORAL HEALTH NURSING POSITIONS: Considerable knowledge of behavioral health of individuals; skill working with individual patients/individuals, groups and families; ability to provide therapeutic treatment with a variety of patients/individuals.


Two (2) years of experience as a Registered Professional Nurse.


One (1) year of the General Experience must have been working with the type of patients and/or individuals serviced by the agency.

Note: The Special Experience is not required for the Department of Developmental Services.


A Bachelor’s degree in Nursing may be substituted for one (1) year of the General Experience.


  1. Incumbents in this class must possess and retain a license or temporary permit as a Registered Professional Nurse in Connecticut.
  2. Incumbents in this class may be required to be fluent in a foreign language or proficient in the use of the American Sign Language in certain designated positions.
  3. Incumbents in this class may be required to travel.


In addition to the checking of references and of facts stated in the application, a thorough background investigation of each candidate may be made before persons are certified for permanent appointment.


Incumbents in this class may be required to lift and restrain patients/individuals; may have exposure to communicable/infectious diseases and risk of injury from assaultive/abusive patients/individuals; may be exposed to disagreeable conditions.






(11)-HEALTH PROF (P-1)




HJ 24


New Job Code. (P-1 Negotiations) Final No. 22-071



CLASS: 4356HJ; EST: 5/13/1942; REV: 7/1/2022;