County of Alameda

Fire Department Human Resources Officer (#8193)

Bargaining Unit: Unrep - Fire Mgmt (U34)
$46.71-$56.83 Hourly / $3,736.62-$4,546.62 BiWeekly /
$8,096.00-$9,851.00 Monthly / $97,152.00-$118,212.00 Yearly

Under general direction, to lead, plan, organize, and direct the personnel management program of the Fire Department (aka Fire District); to provide personnel expertise for and consultation to department management which includes labor negotiations; and to perform related duties as required.


Position of Fire Department Human Resources Officer is located in the Fire Department (aka Fire District) where the scope and size of non routine personnel activities require a personnel administrator. The Fire Department Human Resources Officer may have responsibility for the department payroll division. Also, this class is distinguished by the fact that it has overall responsibility for the Fire Department personnel activities.

NOTE: The following are the duties performed by employees in this classification. However, employees may perform other related duties at an equivalent level. Not all duties listed are necessarily performed by each individual in the classification.

1. Provides advice and consultation to the Fire Chief and other departmental management personnel on personnel related matters, activities, and policies and procedures; attends regular executive staff meetings and acts as a member of a departments' management team; integrates personnel expertise into a departments' operations.

2. Manages the District’s recruitment and selection program; assumes responsibility for examinations for classes unique to the department; approves and makes recommendations on recruitment methods; advises departmental administrators and supervisors on the selection and placement of employees; may conduct job analyses, administer Civil Service Examinations, and conduct oral interviews; acts as liaison with the County Human Resource Services Department; represents the department before the Civil Service Commission and at meetings and conferences; cooperates with the County Human Resource Services Department in the recruiting, selection and placement of personnel, and in other personnel activities.

3. Coordinates and directs disciplinary actions taken in the department; investigates proposed disciplinary actions; provides consultation to supervisors and managers and advises management on appropriate actions; conducts Skelly meetings and/or investigative hearings; investigates grievances and participates in the grievance process; participates in disciplinary and grievance hearings and represents the department before hearing officers, arbitrators, and the Civil Service Commission; prepares narrative reports and recommendations; directs an agency department's performance evaluation program and exit interview program.

4. Screens classification requests; conducts or directs classification studies and organizational analyses; advises management on the merits of requests for reclassification; acts as liaison with the County Human Resource Services Department on classification matters; is responsible for assuring the positions in the department are properly classified.

5. Develops and maintains classification career ladders that promote upward mobility; monitors human resource needs of the department/agency and proposes new classes and minimum requirements that respond to the business needs of the organization.

6. Develops, maintains and coordinates District personnel policies and procedures; updates personnel manuals and memoranda; interprets personnel and payroll policies, prepare related Memoranda of Understanding, Salary Ordinance and Administrative Code provisions, and other regulations; negotiates personnel policies and procedures with recognized employee organizations.

7. Acts as primary District’s representative on all labor relations matters; represents the department in meet and confer sessions between management and employee representatives; acts as liaison and contact on labor relations matters including interpretation of Memoranda of Understanding, compensation and benefit matters, and on practices and activities of the department.

8. Coordinate District’s human resources training; assumes responsibility for management or personnel related training; arranges for training courses and personally conducts training sessions.

9. Provides information and advice to employees; provides career counseling to employees; provides information to the public and other agencies.

10. Supervises staff assigned to the personnel office; assigns and reviews work and evaluates performance; oversees the maintenance of personnel and payroll records; supervises staff involved in payroll activities.

11. Serves as the department’s Affirmative Action Officer; plans, prepares and maintains an affirmative action program; investigates or coordinates the investigation of complaints of discrimination; conducts departmental or division audits to determine if affirmative action plan is being effectively implemented; represents District at hearings held by local, State or Federal agencies.

12. Serves as the department’s Disability/ADA Coordinator; acts as liaison with a variety of other County departments and outside agencies on personnel-related matters such as unemployment insurance, workers compensation, occupational health and safety, retirement, disability placements, etc.; coordinate witnesses and testimony for hearings and attend such hearings.

13. Coordinates and investigates requests for reasonable accommodations/temporary modified assignments, gathering information, compiling statistics, auditing vacant positions, conducting essential functions job analysis, acts as liaison with medical providers and other County departments.

14. Represents the department or agency and makes presentations before boards, commissions, hearing officers, employee groups and management on a wide variety of human resources matters.


Possession of a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field from an accredited college or university.


The equivalent of four years full time professional level personnel experience that provided a combination of the following experience: labor relations, interpreting labor agreements, handling of employee grievances and disciplinary actions, advising management on personnel and labor relations issues, developing and implementing personnel policies and procedures, classification studies, compensation studies, or participation in the selection of employees for a variety of occupational classes.

NOTE: The Civil Service Commission may modify the above Minimum Qualifications in the announcement of an examination.

NOTE: The level and scope of the following knowledge and abilities are related to duties listed under the “Examples of Duties” section of this specification.

Knowledge of:

• Principles of public administration and management.
• Principles of organizational analysis and development.
• Principles of classification structures and concepts.
• Principles and techniques of public personnel administration including job analysis and position classification, conducting audits, wage and salary administration, recruitment and personnel selection, employer employee relations, and training.
• Principles and techniques of employee recruitment and selection processes.
• Federal, State and local laws, rules and guidelines relating to the hiring process and other areas of personnel related activities.
• Investigative and interview techniques.
• Labor relations laws, practices and trends.
• Modern office methods and procedures, including office automation.

Ability to:

• Communicate orally and in writing.
• Make public presentations.
• Analyze and problem solve.
• Make decisions.
• Plan and organize.
• Exercise management control.
• Provide leadership.
• Supervise staff.
• Demonstrate interpersonal sensitivity.
• Be flexible.
• Compile statistical data.
• Interpret and apply contracts and other agreements.

Newspecs: 8193.doc
MH:cs 1/6/10
CSC Date: 1/13/10

*** For benefit information, please refer to the recruitment brochure.