County of Alameda

Institutional Helper SAN (#6696N)

Bargaining Unit: Unrep - Related to SEIU 250 (041)
$12.82-$12.82 Hourly / $0.00-$0.00 BiWeekly /
$0.00-$0.00 Monthly / $0.00-$0.00 Yearly

Under close supervision, to perform a variety of routine, repetitive duties in the kitchen and laundry area of Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center and Camp Wilmont Sweeney. The duties involve delivering food carts to the living units, washing of dishes, and general cleaning. Other duties include pick up of dirty laundry, washing of laundry and delivery of clean laundry back to the living units, grounds keeping and general maintenance work.


Incumbents in this class are current residents in good standing or recent graduates of the Alameda County Probation Department’s Camp Wilmont Sweeney Program. The duties will be located at the Juvenile Justice Center or Camp Wilmont Sweeney. Duties assigned to the Institutional Helper will range from food assembly, set up of food carts, washing and folding laundry, washing dishes, grounds keeping and general maintenance work.

1. Helping in the set up of food delivery carts for the living units

2. Stage delivery and pick up of food and laundry carts from the living units

3. Washing the dishes using a commercial dishwasher and stacking clean dishes to be used at another time

4. Helps in the unloading of food and other supplies from delivery trucks, transporting and stacking them in the proper storage area and assists in keeping storage areas clean

5. Wash, dry and fold clothes using commercial equipment

6. General cleaning of kitchen and laundry and storage rooms

7. Sweeping and mopping of loading dock area

8. General maintenance and grounds keeping as directed

Current resident in good standing or a recent graduate of Camp Wilmont Sweeney
Minimum age of 17 years old

NOTE: The level and scope of the following knowledge and abilities are related to duties listed under the “Examples of Duties” section of this specification.

Knowledge of:

Basic understanding of simple math and the English language.

Ability to:

Follow simple oral and written directions.
Follow through and complete all assigned tasks satisfactorily.
Perform simple math computations.
Maintain personal hygiene.
Work weekends, holiday and evenings.

Retyped: 2/85
Revised: 10/85
Old document: 0650h
New document: Jobspecs/6696N
CSC Date: 11/20/85
IB:po Revised 5/11/07
CSC Date: 7/18/2007



Alameda County, located on the east side of San Francisco Bay, is California’s seventh-largest county.  The County employs 9,080 full-time employees and operates on an annual budget of $2.39 billion.  Oakland, the County seat, is California’s eighth largest city.  One and a half million people call Alameda County home and live in a variety of incorporated cities, unincorporated communities and rural areas.  As a major urban county, Alameda provides a full range of services to its citizens.  The County is a blend of culturally and ethnically diverse communities, and its mixture of cosmopolitan and suburban areas provides the perfect environment for families and their active lifestyles.  The County offers extensive cultural resources, countless recreational opportunities and an array of fine public and private colleges and universities.


MEDICAL PLANS The County offers three Medical Plans. The County contributes up to the full family premium for a specifically identified HMO Plan.  The County contribution is prorated based on the number of work hours up to 50% of the standard hours in a pay period.  Employees pay any additional premium costs if they chose an alternate HMO or PPO Plan. If an eligible employee waives all medical coverage through the County a monthly stipend may be provided.

DENTAL PLANS The County offers two Dental Plans: PPO and Dental Maintenance Option (DMO). The County contributes up to the family coverage for both plans as long as the employee works at least 50% of the standard hours in a pay period. The PPO option plan design is 100% Preventative, 80% Basic Care, 80% Major Care with a $45 per individual deductible and a $1,200 maximum per year. The DMO option has an orthodontic benefit for children as well as adults.

VISION BENEFIT An annual eye exam is covered for participants in the HMO Medical Plans with corresponding co-pay. Some union bargaining units have a provision in their Memorandum of Understanding that after six months of continuous service, reimbursement for eye glasses or contacts is provided at an amount dependent upon the union bargained unit. This benefit is available only to employees.

PRE-TAX TRANSIT AND PARKING BENEFIT An employee can set aside up to $205 a month in pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified work-related parking fees. Through the Transit Benefit, $1,260 a year can be set aside on a pre-tax basis by the employee to purchase tickets for public transportation used to commute to one’s job.

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP) The County has an EAP available for employees, spouses/domestic partners and eligible dependents.  This program provides services such as: counseling, financial consulting, child and elder care consulting and some legal counseling.


Those claiming additional preference points as a VETERAN must submit a copy of the DD214 form on the day of the oral examination. Those claiming additional preference points as a DISABLED VETERAN must submit a copy of the DD214 form and a letter from the Department of Veteran Affairs confirming eligibility for additional points on the day of the oral examination.

All government employees are disaster service workers as defined by California Government Code Section 3100.  In addition to everyday duties, employees have the added responsibility of helping throughout any disaster. 

All county employees who drive on county business are required to enroll in the California Department of Motor Vehicles Employer Pull Notice Program in an effort to promote driver safety.  Employees’ driver record reports will be released to the County Safety Officer in Risk Management to ensure that employees have valid driver’s licenses and are eligible to drive on county business.

An applicant’s previous employment may be investigated.  Results of this investigation may be cause for disqualification.  Also, all convictions will be reviewed and may result in a request for additional information or termination of employment.  A conviction record will not necessarily disqualify an applicant from employment.  Each case will be given individual consideration, based on job-relatedness.

All prospective county employees must pass a medical examination before beginning employment.  For positions which require a commercial driver’s license and the performance of functions defined as “safety sensitive,” Federal law and County policy requires that the examination include a drug screening process.  Offers of employment are conditional upon successful completion of this examination.

Alameda County is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.  Women, ethnic and racial minorities and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.  Applicants will be considered without regard to their race, color, religion, sex national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or any other non-job-related factor.