County of Alameda

Web Designer III (#1856)

Bargaining Unit: Unrep - General Mgmt (U15)
$58.37-$77.71 Hourly / $4,669.60-$6,216.80 BiWeekly /
$10,117.47-$13,469.73 Monthly / $121,409.60-$161,636.80 Yearly

This flexibly staffed classification series specification describes the senior-level/lead in the Web Designer series. Under general direction, to administer departmental website structures and revise web page layouts, to maintain and ensure the navigational content information architecture and usability features for County web pages/sites to manage the day-to-day activities of administering and maintaining web content; and to perform related duties as required.


This classification of Web Designer III is a multidisciplinary, senior-level/lead classification in the Web Designer series located in the Information Technology Department (ITD). Incumbents of this classification, under the general direction of the County Webmaster, function as the lead developer in a unit, or by assuming the responsibility of overseeing a Countywide web program and supervises lower-level staff or may lead peers or by prioritizing the-day-to day work and serving as a mentor toward their career advancement. 

Web Designer III is distinguished from Web Designer II in the requirement to demonstrate the highest degree of independent judgment and skill in the performance of assignments. The classification of Web Designer III is further distinguished from the next higher, single-incumbent classification of County Webmaster in that the former serves in a lead capacity for Web Designer Is and Web Designer IIs, while the County Webmaster has central responsibility for all County website development and for the web technology strategy for the County.


NOTE: The following are the duties performed by employees in this classification. However, employees may perform other related duties at an equivalent level. Each Individual in the classification does not necessarily perform all duties listed.

  1. Under direction and supervision from the Webmaster, acts in a lead capacity within respective teams for a unit of professional and technical staff, which includes Web Designer Is and Web Designer IIs, assigning and reviewing work, monitoring day-to-day work, acting as a resource to staff, and providing training to those classifications listed above.
  2.  Within the assigned team, will assist the Principal with assessing, monitoring, and coordinating the workflow of the team and assigning work to respective team members; through the direction of the Principal, will disseminate work accordingly and ensure that Web Designer I and Web Designer II workloads are evenly distributed.
  3. With the assistance from the Webmaster, will be responsible for reviewing, monitoring, and coordinating the day-to-day functions of the support staff within the respective teams, assisting with problem-solving and troubleshooting issues that arise within their respective work, addressing issues that arise, and addressing the impact to their day-to-day work.
  4. Determines business users’ web page/site requirements; translates and integrates approved marketing or informational/esthetic design content into a functional website within the County’s web content management tool and ensures compliance with County standards.
  5. Creates and develops new web pages/sites utilizing available templates through the County’s web content management tool.
  6. Administers, maintains, and updates web page/site content; troubleshoots, analyzes, and resolves web page/site content issues to improve the performance and accessibility of the information.
  7. Creates textual and aesthetic design content for web pages/sites and/or utilizes approved content from business users; creates, composes, and edits graphic material, selects colors, text and background, position buttons, pictures, and links.
  8. Evaluates and recommends enhancements that facilitate efficient and compelling content design of web pages/sites.
  9.  Edits and maintains existing web pages, including testing content using web-specific tools; posts and publishes changes to Intranet/Internet on the County’s web content management tool.
  10.  Maps or outlines a website’s structural content with standards.
  11. Collaborates with County web developers to create templates and automated forms and designates their location to provide easy accessibility of their content.
  12. Maintains knowledge of current website development practices, applications, and technology.
  13. Assures web-based information is archived for future reference and access.
  14. Trains business users on the appropriate procedures and County standards for adding, editing, posting, and deleting website content.
  15. Participates in various committees to assist with the implementation of website application improvements.
  16.  Advises supervisor of workload or personnel problems.
  17. Learns and applies other technologies used by the team.
  18. Assists with the creation of marketing materials for promoting County events.



The equivalent of two (2) years of full-time experience in the classification of Web Designer II in the Alameda County classified service.


The equivalent of six (6) years of full-time, increasingly responsible experience performing web page/site design and maintenance. 


Completion of 30 semester, or 45 quarter units of Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Computer Graphics, or Web Design courses from an accredited college or university may be substituted for one (1) year of the required experience. 

Special Requirement

The Information Technology Department operates on a 24 hour-per-day, 7 day-per-week, 365- days per year basis. In order to provide these services, all Information Technology Department employees may be required to work grave, swing, and day shifts, as well as weekends and holidays, as necessary.

NOTE: The Civil Service Commission may modify the above Minimum Qualifications in the announcement of an examination. 

NOTE: The level and scope of the following knowledge and abilities are related to duties listed under the “Examples of Duties” section of this specification.

Knowledge of:

  • Concepts and resources used in website design.
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and other similar programs.
  • Browser/server compatibility.
  • Automated forms and templates.
  • Current web content management, web programming languages, and computer graphic applications. 
  • Principles of problem solving and research. 
  • Current trends and techniques in web design. 
  • Video production and editing technologies.
  • Principles of training, project management, and assigning work.
Ability to:

  • Direct and lead the work of subordinate personnel.
  • Identify business users’ web page/site requirements and translate informational and aesthetic content into a functional website in compliance with County standards. 
  • Assign and coordinate work.  
  • Manage projects and meet deadlines.
  • Keep current and learn to utilize emerging web technology applications and tools related to web page/site design and maintenance. 
  • Write code specific to developing web pages/sites.  
  • Proficiently utilize a variety of current web applications and tools. 
  • Work independently and cooperatively as part of a team. 
  • Exercise judgment and initiative. 
  • Work under pressure and deadlines, effectively prioritizing assignments. 
  • Identify problems, research, and examine alternatives, make recommendations, and implement improvements and/or corrective changes to web pages/sites. 
  • Create templates of approved website layout and automated forms. 
  • Perform quality assurance testing on new web content design, updates, edits, and improvements.  
  • Post completed sites on the Intranet/Internet server.
  • Use a professional video camera and other related accessories. 
  • Train department/agency users in the use of web applications and tools and appropriate operating procedures. 
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. 
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with those contacted in the course of business.

Newspec:  1856
LC:cs  1/20/16
CSC Date:  2/17/16
EL:jf Revised 3/22/17
CSC Date: 4/12/17
SK:saa Revised 12/18/2023
CSC Date:01/10/2024

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