County of Alameda

Maintenance and Construction Foreman (#1120H)

Bargaining Unit: ( )
$39.63-$39.63 Hourly / $3,170.40-$3,170.40 BiWeekly /
$6,869.20-$6,869.20 Monthly / $82,430.40-$82,430.40 Yearly

Under general supervision from the Maintenance and Construction Supervisor, directs maintenance personnel; plans, schedules and assigns work from division work programs; performs specified administrative and other related tasks associated with assigned area of responsibility; performs related work as assigned.


Maintenance and Construction Foremen are first line supervisors over a crew of Maintenance and Construction Workers, Laborers, and related Maintenance Staff. This position reports to the Maintenance Construction Supervisor who is responsible for supervising the Districts (buildings and grounds) maintenance program. This position differs from the next lower class of Maintenance and Construction Technician by the lower class having responsibility for working individually or in crews actually performing maintenance and construction.

Note: The following list of duties are those usually performed by most employees in this classification. However, employees may perform other related duties at an equivalent level. Not all duties listed are necessarily performed by each individual in the classification.

1. In accordance with division work programs, plans and schedules the work of a maintenance crew on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

2. Instructs, assigns, and monitors the work of crew members to ensure the work is performed according to division standards for quantity, quality, safety and within established completion schedules.

3. Organizes specific work tasks to be undertaken to include determining and securing necessary tools and equipment, type and quantity of materials required; coordinates work as necessary with other division personnel or other field services personnel.

4. Observes the performance of assigned crew members; provides supervisor with performance observations on an ongoing basis and as part of formal employee performance appraisal process.

5. Within established limits, purchases supplies, materials, equipment, and tools required to accomplish work assignments; notifies supervisor, of needed supplies, materials, equipment and tools whose purchase exceeds purchasing authority; makes recommendations regarding type and operating specifications of equipment being considered for purchase; assists in the evaluation of prospective equipment.

6. As requested, makes recommendations to supervisor regarding supplies and equipment, to include in division operating budget.

7. Keeps a variety of records associated with areas of assignments including daily work activities performed, date and times work performed, and quantities performed.

8. Investigates public complaints; seeks to determine their nature/cause and resolve within limits of authority or reports to supervisor for resolution.

9. Facilitates the backflow prevention program for the district; tests, repairs and keeps records for all of the district’s backflow devices; maintains a current backflow tester’s license; works with water purveyor to include to insure devices are tested and reported annually.



A combination of training and experience which demonstrates that a person has obtained the required knowledge and is able to perform the required work (with reasonable accommodation, if needed). A person with the following combined training and experience would typically qualify to compete in a selection process:

The equivalent of one (1) year experience in the class of Maintenance and Construction Worker in the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District’s service or an equivalent or higher level maintenance class.


Two (2) years of full time experience in the maintenance and construction field.
License: Valid California Motor Vehicle Operator’s license and a good driving record.
NOTE: The Civil Service Commission may modify the above Minimum Qualifications in the announcement of an examination.


Knowledge of:

• The methods, materials, tools and equipment used in maintenance and construction.
• California Building Codes
• Testing and repair of backflow prevention devices
• CalOSHA guidelines
• District Rules and Regulations

Ability to:

• Supervise the work of others.
• Use deductive reasoning.
• Estimate accurately the man-hours, equipment used in maintenance and construction jobs.
• Keep records as required.
• Read and write and clearly speak effectively.
• Exhibit a high customer service priority.
• Establish and maintain open and honest communications with co-workers at all levels of the organization.
• Use and operate hand and power tools and other equipment associated with the maintenance and repair of buildings and grounds.
• Safely transport, lift and handle bulky objects weighing up to fifty (50) pounds.

AM:cs Revised 7/18/14
Old Title: Senior Maintenance and Construction Worker
CSC Date: 10/15/14