County of Alameda

Main and Construction Sup (#1118H)

Bargaining Unit: ( )
$45.33-$55.10 Hourly / $3,399.75-$4,132.50 BiWeekly /
$7,366.13-$8,953.75 Monthly / $88,393.50-$107,445.00 Yearly


Under general direction, to supervise the buildings and facilities maintenance program; to assist in planning and to supervise the modification of existing buildings and facility areas or construction of new facility; to provide high quality customer service and to do related work as required.


The Maintenance and Construction Supervisor reports to the Parks Superintendent, who is responsible for the District’s park maintenance program. The Maintenance and Construction Supervisor manages the Maintenance Division; spends a major portion of time managing maintenance workers engaged in the repair and remodeling of existing buildings and in developing recreation areas. This position differs from the lower class Senior Maintenance and Construction Worker by the Senior Maintenance and Construction Worker having responsibility for supervision of a crew of maintenance staff while the Maintenance and Construction Supervisor is responsible for the entire Maintenance and Construction Division.


NOTE: The following are the duties performed by employees in this classification. However, employees may perform other related duties at an equivalent level. Each individual in the classification does not necessarily perform all duties listed.

1. Assists in the planning and layout of proposed buildings and ground improvements; prepares sketches and plans for construction work to be done by District labor; makes estimate of time and materials required; assigns personnel and supervises work-typical projects which includes making additions to existing buildings; remodeling rooms; building small or temporary structures, picnic tables, patios, retaining walls and access roads; landscaping new areas; installing water lines and sprinkling systems.

2. Directs the upkeep of buildings and park facilities.

3. Supervises repair of plumbing lines and facilities; preventive maintenance of trucks and other mobile equipment; painting of equipment.

4. Maintains work records and an inventory of supplies and equipment on hand, and requisitions items as needed.

5. Interviews and selects maintenance employees; evaluates performance of subordinate employees.

6. Coordinates activities of the department with other departments public agencies, public utilities, the general public, vendors and various contractors.

7. Establishes work priorities and programs in construction, maintenance, training, safety, and general maintenance of public facilities, infrastructure and parks.

8. Serves as the project manager of public works projects; reviews and ensures that contracted work follows established plans and specifications. 

9. Serves as District construction inspector to ensure that work is being performed according to applicable codes and regulations.


A combination of training and experience which demonstrates that a person has obtained the required knowledge and is able to perform the required work (with reasonable accommodation, if needed). A person with the following combined training and experience would typically qualify to compete in a selection process:


Possession of a Bachelors degree from an accredited college or university in Facility Management or a related field,

OR Successful completion of an accredited apprenticeship program in the building trades and possession of a journey-level certificate.




The equivalent of two (2) years of experience in the class of Senior Maintenance and Construction Worker or an equivalent or higher level maintenance class in the Hayward Area Recreation & Park District service.


The equivalent of four years of full time experience in the maintenance and construction field, two which must have been at the supervisory level.

License: Valid California Motor Vehicle operator’s license and a good driving record.


Knowledge of: 

Common tools, materials, equipment and methods of carpentry, roofing, electrical, irrigation, plumbing, masonry and painting trades. 

Principles of supervision including motivation and disciplines. 

Safe work methods and safety practices pertaining to the work. 

Relevant codes and regulations. 

Computer applications related to the work.


Ability to: 

Plan, organize, and supervise a program of maintenance. 

Make accurate time and material estimates. 

Prepare and maintain a variety of written records and reports pertaining to the work. 

Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. 

Be proactive and problem solve. 

Supervise the work of others. 

Recognize safety needs. 

Work with minimal direction. 

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those encountered in the course of the work. 

Exhibit a high customer service priority. 

Establish and maintain effective communications with co-workers at all levels of the organization. 

Use and operate hand and power tools, heavy vehicles and other equipment associated with the maintenance and repair of heavy machinery, buildings and grounds. 

Within CALOSHA guidelines, withstand periods of physical exposure to the presence of fumes, odors, dust and pollen without incapacitating adverse effect. 

Safely transport, lift and handle bulky objects weighing up to forty (40) pounds. 

Represent the District to other agencies, user groups, the general public and private contractors. 

Manage and prioritize work.



Newspec: 1118HARD.doc

AM:po Revised 5/28/09

CSC Date: 1/27/2010