Employee Referral Program

Alameda County is more than a great place to work. It is a great place to learn, to make a difference, to grow, to strive, to succeed, and to flourish. Come join our team and find more than just a job. Find your purpose. Find your career. Tell your friends and you could be eligible to receive $1000!

As an Alameda County employee, you have been an important contributor in serving your community. Thank you! Your referrals could now be an important part of our continued success. We invite you to recruit friends or acquaintances who have exceptional qualities and skills demonstrated by County employees.

Applications for eligible hard-to-fill classifications will include a supplemental question requesting applicants to indicate if they were referred to the position by an eligible County employee. If an applicant for an eligible recruitment in the list below provides your name and is hired as a regular/permanent County employee, you could receive $1000! Tell your friends to apply online at www.acgov.org/hrs.

Employee Referral Program FAQs

What is the Employee Referral Program?

Current County employees who refer successful candidates to eligible hard-to-fill regular/permanent positions could receive a referral award of $1,000. When the candidate is hired, the referring employee would be issued a referral award of $500, and upon the candidate's successful completion of their probationary period, the referring employee would be issued an additional $500, provided the referring employee is still employed by the County.

What are the hard-to-fill positions?

The Human Resources Department Director will use the following criteria to determine which classifications are hard-to-fill:

  1. Over a 10% vacancy rate for a sustained period of time.
  2. Length of time of the ongoing recruitment for the classification.
  3. Number of appointable candidates on the eligible list.
  4. The Director of Human Resources shall have the authority to designate additional classifications as "Hard to Fill" based on recruitment and retention data.
  5. To view the current list of classifications participating in Alameda County's Employee Referral Incentive Program, click here.

How is the referring employee identified?

For identified hard-to-fill classifications, there will be a supplemental question on the employment application requesting applicants to indicate if they were referred to the position by a County employee and if so, by whom. This information needs to be included on the candidate's employment application in order for the County employee to receive the employee referral award.

Who is eligible to participate?

All current Alameda County permanent/regular or temporary employees are eligible to receive the employee referral award except for the following:

  • Employees engaged in recruitment activities.
  • Employees engaged in the selection of the candidate.
  • Department Heads, Division Directors, Assistant and Deputy Directors, extra help, contractors, and elected officials.

How much money do I get?

The award is authorized for referring new hires to eligible regular/permanent positions that have been designated "hard-to-fill" only and will not be paid to employees who refer current County employees to hard-to-fill positions for internal County promotions or transfers.

Upon selection of the referred candidate for the hard-to-fill position, the referring employee will receive $500. Upon the new employee's successful completion of probation, the referring employee will be issued an additional $500, provided the referring employee is still employed by the County.

How do I recruit?

Simply spread the word on why Alameda County is a great employer! Be sure to mention the variety of careers we offer, our excellent benefits package(s), competitive wages, superior training and education programs, flexible work schedules, transportation assistance and more! Be sure to mention that interested applicants can apply online at www.acgov.org/hrs

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